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KB0003: The think-cell installation does not start

KB0004: The think-cell add-in is missing in PowerPoint

KB0005: The think-cell add-in disappeared after an Office crash

KB0007: PowerPoint or Excel crashes when started by double-clicking a file

KB0010: The think-cell license key window pops up

KB0014: I cannot insert a think-cell chart

KB0015: A network login request pops up

KB0017: In the datasheet, "Undo" (Ctrl+Z) does not work

KB0018: Can I use formulas in think-cell's datasheet?

KB0021: How to customize default think-cell charts

KB0022: Can I animate think-cell charts?

KB0024: Labeling result is not satisfactory

KB0025: Category or series labels do not align across multiple charts

KB0026: I cannot edit text or add a line break in a label

KB0028: Rounding errors

KB0029: The flow of the waterfall charts does not look right

KB0031: Can I use PowerPoint's grouping feature with think-cell?

KB0032: Can I use my VBA macros with think-cell elements?

KB0038: Known issues with Asian languages

KB0041: Excel is slow with think-cell data links

KB0044: Can I import existing charts into think-cell?

KB0045: Excel does not open when double-clicking an Excel file

KB0048: After using the Document Inspector, think-cell elements are corrupted

KB0051: An error occurred when displaying the think-cell user interface

KB0062: Error message in Excel: "Errors were detected while saving ..."

KB0070: Why is my Excel macro slow when think-cell is activated?

KB0071: How can I create a rotated line chart (profile chart)?

KB0073: How to find out with VBA if a shape is used by think-cell?

KB0075: The current date or * (asterisk) is shown in think-cell labels

KB0076: How do I map PowerPoint 2003 scheme colors to theme colors in PowerPoint 2007 and later versions?

KB0078: How do I total multiple series in parallel in a waterfall chart?

KB0080: Does think-cell send information over the internet?

KB0084: Manually editing think-cell charts, a dialog offers to "Convert" or "Edit Existing"

KB0090: Some regular PowerPoint buttons show "think-cell" in their tooltips

KB0091: How can I find out which add-in causes a problem?

KB0092: How do I report a problem to think-cell?

KB0093: The think-cell datasheet does not open

KB0094: How do I uninstall think-cell?

KB0095: Can I use think-cell on a Mac?

KB0096: Can I switch chart types?

KB0099: How can I temporarily deactivate think-cell?

KB0100: How can I change the font color?

KB0102: How can I change the fill of an entire series?

KB0103: How can I delete the think-cell custom colors?

KB0105: How can I change the default colors of think-cell charts?

KB0106: think-cell asks for user name and password

KB0107: How can I copy-paste think-cell charts in my VBA Code?

KB0111: think-cell charts do not update when I change the cell background color or other cell formats in Excel 2007

KB0113: An email created by think-cell cannot be sent in Outlook

KB0118: Content crawling in Office SharePoint fails

KB0119: The think-cell Elements menu is inactive

KB0120: Charts have different color in printout or pdf

KB0122: With think-cell some Excel COM Automation calls fail

KB0123: Why do the labels in think-cell charts appear as white rectangles?

KB0126: Compatibility: "Convert to an Office Open XML File Format"

KB0129: think-cell uses wrong font color or strange colors in the background of labels

KB0135: Shapes or outlines appear/disappear when printing Grayscale or Black and White

KB0137: Excel crashes when opening a workbook or an internal datasheet

KB0138: How do I set a colored pattern for a segment, area, or bubble?

KB0143: think-cell on Microsoft Office Mobile

KB0144: Text in some labels is rotated by 180 degrees

KB0145: How can I set the same bubble size scale for multiple bubble charts?

KB0147: Wrong font color in PowerPoint 2007

KB0148: Which MSI UpgradeCode, ProductCode, and PackageCode does think-cell use?

KB0149: Running Oracle Hyperion SmartView, you receive a think-cell error message "library\officeutilities\application.cpp line 13..: EXCEPTION Address 77124942 Code c0000005" and PowerPoint crashes

KB0153: I cannot change the indent level of text in think-cell labels

KB0154: Performance issues while scrolling in PowerPoint 2010

KB0155: How to add link lines (a.k.a. dependency lines) in Gantt charts?

KB0156: I cannot paste data into the think-cell datasheet or the format is lost

KB0157: Install a 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack

KB0159: When copying a slide from one presentation into another, the font of think-cell labels changes

KB0160: Copying a multi-selection of non-adjacent cells fails

KB0161: "Use Text Import Wizard..." causes Excel 2010 crash

KB0162: think-cell functionality is lost in PowerPoint 2010

KB0163: Charts linked with Excel data link do not update after copying/pasting data

KB0164: Does think-cell work with Microsoft Office 2013?

KB0165: Does think-cell work with Microsoft 365 (Office 365) and Office 2016/2019 Click-to-Run?

KB0167: Does think-cell work on server-based Office installations?

KB0169: Conflict with another add-in: Subclassing error in Excel

KB0170: Can I also work with think-cell charts in .odp files, the LibreOffice/ file format?

KB0171: Error message in Excel: "...addin could not be found." or PowerPoint hangs

KB0173: think-cell charts in Microsoft Word or Excel

KB0174: Segment colors in think-cell charts do not update when I apply conditional formatting to a cell in Excel

KB0175: Charts linked with Excel data link do not update on the first manual recalculation after changing data

KB0177: Install a 2010 Microsoft Office Suite update

KB0178: Excel 2013 crashes when using function names for worksheets

KB0179: Scrolling issues in Notes Pane of PowerPoint 2013 & 2016

KB0181: The vertical scroll bar handle of think-cell datasheets does not work

KB0182: When labels are set to Align Right, the text jumps out of the label

KB0183: Excel 2013 crashes after clicking on a Combo Box

KB0184: Does think-cell work with Microsoft Office preview versions?

KB0186: Can I use conditional formatting to change colors depending on data values?

KB0187: Security settings may prevent think-cell from being loaded

KB0188: How can I create a linear trendline in a line chart?

KB0189: Does think-cell work with Microsoft Windows 10?

KB0190: Error during think-cell (un-)installation

KB0191: Recommended setup for editing think-cell style files

KB0195: How can I hide segment labels for "0" values?

KB0196: Error message when starting PowerPoint or Excel, or editing a think-cell chart: "CFindCodePattern failed ..." or "CModuleFindChunk failed ..."

KB0198: Performance issues when using ESET

KB0199: PowerPoint crashes when entering the think-cell license key with FactSet installed

KB0200: PowerPoint 2010 is slow with Sharepoint libraries using Microsoft Rights Management services (RMS)

KB0201: How to use Windows subclassing when programming a .NET add-in

KB0202: There are "think-cell is busy" messages when scrolling through a presentation

KB0203: How to use Office Automation from managed code (C#, Visual Basic, .NET)

KB0204: Some Excel files are slow with data links

KB0206: think-cell uses wrong font color

KB0207: Excel crashes when using add-ins based on Add-in Express

KB0208: Internet Explorer blocks download with signature or certificate notification

KB0209: I cannot repair my PowerPoint file with PowerPoint 2013 & 2016

KB0210: Conflict with NVIDIA Optimus: Elements menu does not open

KB0211: Conflict with McAfee WebAdvisor

KB0212: think-cell's Save Slides... shows error when saving to OneDrive or SharePoint

KB0213: With PowerPoint 2016 or later, charts appear slowly when switching slides

KB0214: Excel workbook is recalculated when copy-pasting to a think-cell datasheet although Excel Workbook Calculation option is set to Manual

KB0215: Trend Micro Threats/Violations Found message appears when opening the internal datasheet

KB0217: Conflict with Digital Guardian: Closing Excel triggers "HRESULT 0x800A03EC"

KB0220: Conflict with SAP BusinessObjects Analysis: I cannot select the think-cell frame in Excel

KB0223: think-cell disappears unexpectedly

KB0224: Google Slides does not properly display think-cell charts

KB0225: think-cell is not authorized to send mail

KB0226: When opening the Desktop Apps version of Office, think-cell is not loaded or an error message appears

KB0229: How can I create a box and whisker chart?

KB0230: Conflict with Cylance security tool: think-cell's automatic update fails

KB0231: Conflict with Adaptive Insights OfficeConnect in Excel

KB0232: Conflict with enSilo: internal datasheet does not open

KB0233: Conflict with Windows Defender: think-cell does not load or the internal datasheet does not open

KB0234: Conflict with BeyondTrust Privilege Management: internal datasheet does not open

KB0235: SentinelAgent and think-cell trigger: "COMBASE.DLL STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION"

KB0236: Conflict with Oracle SmartView: Excel crashes seemingly at random

KB0237: Conflict with Microsoft Azure Information Protection add-in: Subclassing error in PowerPoint and Excel

KB0238: Launching PowerPoint or Excel on an M1 Mac displays the error message: "Rosetta is not supported"

KB0239: PowerPoint file size is rapidly increasing with Microsoft 365

KB0240: Send Slides or Request Support with new Outlook for Windows fails or opens with classic Outlook for Windows

KB0241: think-cell chart outline misplaced

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Office 365 Fully Installed
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