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Where think-cell is used

Management consulting firms, corporate strategy and finance business teams have traditionally been the primary users of think-cell, but we’re increasingly seeing teams that create presentations and charts across multiple functions benefitting from think-cell.

think-cell is used at

10 of the top 10 consulting firms
According to vault

Seven of these firms provide our software to all their consultants.

89 of the top 100 US blue chip companies
According to Fortune 500

9 of the top 10 business schools
According to U.S. News & World Report

All of them provide our software to all their students and faculty members.

9 of the top 10 German consulting firms
According to Lünendonk

Seven of these firms provide our software to all their consultants.

All of the top 40 German blue chip companies
As listed in the DAX

What users say

think-cell is used by more than 1,000,000 business professionals in countries across all regions of the world. This is what some of them said about our software:

think-cell will change your life, make it simpler and make you all look very smart. There is no other productivity tool I believe in more.

Arun Narayanan, Dell

I was dazzled as a kid on Christmas morning – it's very simple and fast and can help us put attention on the story we want to tell and not spending too much time on fighting with charts and layouts.

Enrico Catalano, State Street

FANTASTIC! There's a room full of consultants here at my new company, who are from all the different management consultancies and we're all very impressed with think-cell. So thanks!

Emily Kerr, former Bain consultant

Occasionally a piece of software comes along that has the research behind it to solve a real problem for the user. think-cell is one of these roses in amongst the thorns.

Elizabeth Stodolski, senior consultant, BrightCarbon

I am a very enthusiastic user of think-cell since this software makes me so much more efficient when using PowerPoint. But as important as the product is the customer service. From my experience this is best-in-class at think-cell! From other companies I am used to receive automatic replies and then need to wait for some days to get an answer which does not fully solve my problem. From think-cell I receive immediate reply and the solution provided indeed solves the issue. I am very impressed.

Markus Horcher, strategic planning manager, Borealis

With think-cell we save precious hours, to the benefit of both our clients and consultants.

Dr. Michael Büttner, partner, KPMG

I have tested many softwares already but have never been so convinced about a product.

Michael Scherrer, managing director, Consito

I really appreciate think-cell's support, because with your work it is demonstrated that you really care about your customers and work around the clock to find a solution to their needs. Not only your product's ease of use and the way it streamlines the slide production process are important, but the stability of the platform and the peace of mind that the user gets knowing that any issues will be supported by your team make it a very, very valuable tool. I feel fully comfortable to recommend your software to my new team and other groups in my company.

Armando R. Herrera, director, American Express

think-cell gives us the chance to create professional-looking charts without extensive PowerPoint experience.

Dr. Marc Dreßler, managing director, Corporate Value Associates

think-cell is simply the best charting solution I have seen for PowerPoint.

Edward Osborn, emergence associates

I have to give you and your company a lot of praise. The support I received in the last few days was really, as the Americans like to say, "out of this world." I've been self-employed for a few years now, and as a "one-woman-show," I'm also my own IT person. I therefore have to frequently deal with support centers and I've yet to experience something akin to what you've done. So if you need a reference, you can bring me into the game. I'm a very happy customer!

Patricia Gehringer, owner, Gehringer Presentation Design Services

We are very happy with think-cell. It is a real breakthrough in the way it 'guesses' or 'thinks' typical needs for graphs and faithfully and accurately reproduces them.

Dr. Anshu Gupta, director strategist, Gupta Strategists

I'm very proficient in PowerPoint and found your application to save time and provide consistency.

Richard Sheinfeld, director, Bain

I find it GREAT... I can't live without the package anymore.

Marc Salomon, COO, Stibbe

Works as advertised, easy to learn and use.

Bruce Simmon, managing consultant, Strategy Analytics


Of course, we cannot mention all our 25,000+ customer companies here, but we name at least some of them in the following list, categorized by industries.