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How to order licenses for additional users

Your current think-cell users like our software and other colleagues want to use it, too? That's great to hear!

To make your license management easier, we usually recommend to add additional users to an existing license key instead of ordering a new license key. This ensures that you only need a single license key for all users that expires on a common date (this is sometimes called co-terming).

When you add users to an existing license key, the licensing fee for the additional users will be pro-rated with respect to the key's remaining validity period. The recommended steps for determining the exact costs and ordering procedure depend on how you placed your initial order for the license key:

Add users online

If you placed the initial order online you can safely use our customer portal to order for additional users, too. The customer portal will calculate the pro-rated licensing fee automatically before you place your order.

Add users through a reseller

If you have used a reseller for your initial order please approach the same reseller again for additional orders to avoid any confusion. Please let the reseller know your current license key.

Frequently asked questions

The fees for adding a user to an existing license key are pro-rated with respect to the key's remaining validity. The quickest way to find out how much this is, is to log into our customer portal and use the "Add user(s) to license key" button on its home page.

Our licensing scheme is essentially an annual leasing agreement. Therefore, we do not offer special discounts for recurring customers.

Resellers are free to add any markup to our recommended online fee. We recommend a maximum markup of 5%, because this is the handling fee we charge to customers that approach us with an offline order.

We offer our software for free to academic and nonprofit organizations, given that they only use the software for education, public research or their direct nonprofit core operations. Administrative work with the software, e.g., at university hospitals, is not allowed under this program.

We ask academic and nonprofit organizations to link to our corporate homepage from the webpages of their organization to provide their users, e.g., students and research staff, with the most reliable information on how to work with our product and about the general availability of the software. Please be informed that this is a vital part of this licensing program and that we will only issue a free license key after such a link has been created.

If you want to apply for this program, please download our Software License Agreement for Academic/Nonprofit Use and review it. It has to be signed by a senior person that can bind your organization to the terms of the agreement, e.g., an IT director, dean or professor. Please email the signed agreement together with a short description of your organization to our academics team and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Only the initial purchaser of an existing license key can add further users to this key. Please find out who ordered the licenses for your company and approach this person to be included in the deployment. If this is not possible due to organizational restrictions you have to open up a new independent account with us to place your order.

Our standard payment terms are 10 days net. If your organization cannot accommodate this, please redirect your request to one of our resellers.

Our software is delivered electronically by an email to the main end-user and the buyer. The delivery email contains a download link and the license key needed to activate the software. We ask the main end-user or the buyer to forward the delivery email to all end-users. If you need physical media or documents, please redirect your request to one of our resellers.

We do not issue pro-forma invoices. You will receive a full invoice after we have fulfilled your purchase order. If your organization cannot issue an order without a pro-forma invoice, please redirect your request to one of our resellers.

think-cell will be deactivated. A slide element produced with think-cell will look exactly as before, but you won't be able to change it with the help of the software. However, you will be able to make changes to the PowerPoint objects making up the think-cell element using the standard PowerPoint tools. In most cases even the underlying numbers will be retained in the PowerPoint datasheet. As soon as you renew your think-cell license, full functionality will be restored.

Since think-cell's founding in 2002 we have licensed our software under a leasing scheme that covers usage, updates and support for a one-year leasing period. Our software is tightly integrated into the Microsoft Office environment. Therefore, we can only ensure compatibility with updates and new versions of Office if we are able to quickly ship new versions of think-cell to all customers without commercial considerations. A perpetual license would make no sense, because it would only be perpetual on paper, but not in reality because of our customers' changing Office environment.

To transfer a license simply make sure that think-cell is not accessible from the old machine anymore, e.g., by uninstalling it. Then download the software to the new machine, install it and activate it using your existing license key. You do not have to inform us about this transfer. Please note that transferring a license is only allowed on an occasional and not on a regular basis.

Installing and using think-cell on Citrix or other thin-client and application streaming solutions is perfectly fine under our licensing model. As always, any individual user needs to be licensed. We do not offer licenses for concurrent users or whole servers.

Please ensure that only licensed users have access to the server. Alternatively, you can deactivate think-cell for all non-licensed users with any effective method of your choice. Our manual describes how to do so in Using Group Policies to manage access on a terminal server.

Our knowledge base contains a list of server-based platforms that our customers have used successfully. We will support your evaluation on other platforms as well.

If your company has obtained a license for your professional work at your company's computer, you are also entitled to use this license on your home computer for corporate work. This is because our licensing works per user and not per machine. You can download the software to your home computer, install it and activate it with your license key. If you need help in doing so, please approach your corporate IT.

Do you have further questions?

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