Brian: Your secure all-in-one AI assistant

Secure, multifunctional digital
assistant for consultants and
business professionals

– Brian’s skills –

Over 30 outstanding skills, and counting,
Brian helps you get the job done

Translate File

Brian translates your pptx, docx, and xlsx files from/to 100 languages within seconds while keeping the formatting!

Convert PDF

You can ask Brian to convert files from PDF (native and scanned), PNG or JPG into all MS Office formats!

Convert and Translate

Brian converts your PDF (native and scanned), PNG, JPG files into any Microsoft Office format and translates it in one step!


Brian transcribes your audio and video recordings to MS Word within minutes!

PDF Acrobatics

Struggling with pdfs? Brian can shrink the size of pdf files, delete pages, extract pages or protect the file for you!

Public Company Analysis

Analysing a company? Brian provides detailed analyses of 50,000 publicly traded companies with over 1,000 data points in xlsx!

Peer Analysis

Do you want to compare a company with its peers? Brian compares your chosen company with selected competitors and provides a detailed analysis within three minutes!

Top Companies

Brian can compile a list of companies operating in one of 800 industries and 130 countries with details like market capitalization!

Industry KPIs

Are you searching for industrial benchmarks? You can ask Brian for a flexible industry report comprising 80 KPIs for 100 industries!

Consulting Methods

Brian helps you overcome business challenges by providing over 125 methods with detailed instructions!

Private Company Analysis

Brian now provides analyses of over 32 million privately held companies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and UK including key executives and financials!

Custom Icon Set

Do you need cool icons to increase the attractiveness of your presentation? Brian can send you 50 alternatives for thousands of topics!


Do you want to get high quality royalty free photos? Brian provides you with the perfect pictures every time really quickly!

Slide Templates

Do you need cool templates for your PowerPoint presentation? Brian can send you one of 49 topic related packages with 20-40 slide templates each!

Industry Brief

‘Industry Brief’ by Brian! The skill combines information from GPT and structured data sources to generate a comprehensive brief on any industry!


Formulate an Email congratulating your colleague on promotion! …or generating literally any type of text you can imagine.

Draft bullets

Ask Brian drafts 2 x 5 key points for any topic or action title, powered by the most capable AI language model in the world spiced up with with matching pictures!


Brainstorm on ‘any topic’ with Brian! Amazing! The ideas you get are generated by GPT technology from OpenAI, with knowledge of millions of books and ‘the internet’!

– Work with Brian –

Communicate with Brian via email, MS Teams, or Slack

– Brian’s help is just one email away –

Working with Brian via email:

  • The great thing about email: everyone uses it!
  • Email Brian your tasks, requests, and general questions:
  • No hardware, or software download needed
  • Write to Brian for assistance as if he was human, using natural language!

– Emailing made even easier–

Brian’s magic Click-to-Ask links:

  • Designed to make your work with Brian easier
  • You find the magic links on this webpage, in Brian’s signature or in his work results
  • Click on a relevant ‘Click-to-Ask’ link, and draft your next email instantly
  • Here you can find some hints on how to use these most efficiently

Yes, it’s that simple!

Brian via MS Teams:

  • Even faster response times
  • Higher convenience
  • Ultimately leaving the email-age
  • Benefiting from all skills of Brian

How to get started with Brian via MS Teams:

  • Here you can find simple instructions on how to install the AskBrian MS Teams app (admin rights required)
  • Then, follow these simple instructions to add the AskBrian app to your MS Teams application…
  • … and you are ready for work 4.0!

– Be your best with Brian –

Working with Brian adds value to your business

Brian meets you where you are

Brian integrates seamlessly into your commination platform of choice. You can chat with Brian via Microsoft Teams, Slack, or sent Brian an email. Brian will respond to you within seconds, 24/7

Focus on what matters

Increase your productivity by delegating time-consuming and repetitive tasks to Brian. Aren’t you curious about what you could accomplish with your own digital AI assistant, just a click away?

Don’t dabble with data security

Brian boasts top notch security, a transparent privacy policy, and is GDPR compliant. Hundreds of companies trust Brian with their confidential information.

– think-cell & AskBrian –

The Future of Productivity

We are pleased to announce that think-cell, your trusted partner for productivity software in Microsoft Power Point, has successfully acquired AskBrian, the applied artificial intelligence specialist. This partnership will boost your work environment into a new dimension of efficiency and innovation.

At think-cell, we have always been committed to changing the way you create presentations and exchange information. And now, as we welcome AskBrian into our family, we are ready to elevate workplace productivity to an entirely new level.

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