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All the great minds of our time have one thing in common: They have to eat something now and then.

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think-cell takes this need very seriously, which is why it came up with the EAT++ series of career events. We regularly invite computer science students to talk over a meal in a relaxed atmosphere. We also support conferences on C++, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Graphics and give technical talks or complete technical courses on topics our developers know by heart.

We decided to do this, because we are constantly on the lookout for new software developers. We are very interested in emerging talent and will be happy to stay in touch with you over the longer term. Even if you have no specific plans for your professional future, we would still like to get to know you. And we think we can do that best when meeting in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

C++ Meetup Berlin, Germany
March 20, 2024

think-cell is thrilled to announce that we are resuming our Berlin C++ Meetups after a 5-year-long break. We aim to revive the C++ community in our city and provide a forum for enthusiasts to share their knowledge of the language.

The topic this time is "Nobody Can Program Correctly: A Practical and Interactive Guide to Debugging C++ Code". Our Senior Software Engineer, Sebastian Theophil, will walk you through the debugging procedure, how to identify the root cause in the event of a program crash, and how to make sure this fault never reoccurs.

Participants can enter from 6.30 p.m. onwards and the presentation will begin at 7 p.m. Following the discussion, you can have pizza and a drink while interacting with other C++ enthusiasts and software engineers from think-cell. Additionally, members of our HR team will be present to walk you through our application process, share insights into think-cell's work culture, and answer any other questions you may have.

It is completely free to take part in this event; however, since seating is limited, we encourage you to register here as soon as possible. The presentation will be posted to our website for later viewing by those who are unable to join us in Berlin.

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, 20th of March 2024, from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Le Wagon Berlin.

A special thanks to Le Wagon for allowing us to utilize their space!

We look forward to an in-person discussion with the Berlin C++ Meetup group!

Kontaktparty at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
March 16, 2024

As a part of a long-standing tradition, think-cell has been attending the Kontaktparty at ETH Zurich for the past 10 + years and this year is no exception.

The Kontaktparty is organized annually on a voluntary basis by Kontaktparty Committee (KPK) of the Association of Computer Science Students at ETH Zurich (VIS) and has established itself over time as the largest academic IT recruiting fair in Switzerland with more than 600 visitors. The fair takes place at the ETH Zurich Center and is primarily aimed at students of computer science at ETH Zurich as well as other universities.

Come meet the think-cell team at our booth for a coffee; they would love to get to know you better and talk about the opportunities of working at think-cell. Our Senior Software Engineers Valentin and Volker, and Julia and Anna from our HR team will be present and eager to speak to students and job seekers. They can tell you more about our team, an international group of talented and friendly people, and our work environment that is driven by the strive for excellence.

We are looking forward to being back at ETH Zurich soon!

IT-DAY Copenhagen, Denmark
March 7, 2024

We are excited to be attending IT-DAY Copenhagen, in Denmark for the first time. IT-DAY is Denmark's largest IT career fair. Here IT students, IT graduates and anyone else interested in working in the IT sector can attend to meet with companies and find opportunities within IT. It’s completely free to attend, all you have to do is sign up here!

Our Software Engineer Jonathan, and Julia and Anna from our HR team will be at our booth to talk about opportunities such as our C++ Developer, Software Tester, and Support Engineer roles. They will be happy to answer any questions about what it’s like working in the tech teams at think-cell.

We will have a barista on-site all day serving up some delicious coffee and other hot drinks, so come by our booth for a coffee and a chat. We would love to get to know you better!

The team will also bring some goodies from Berlin such as our signature socks, Haribo gummies, reusable metal straws, bike covers and other fun souvenirs.  

We are looking forward to meeting all students and graduates at the career fair!

C++ Online
February 29, 2024

We are proud to announce our video sponsorship of the first “C++Online”, an online only conference taking place at the end of February and the start of March. It is designed to provide a more accessible option for those who may not be able to attend conferences in person. We are on a mission to make conference talks accessible to everyone, and are therefore especially excited to be sponsoring the conference!

C++ Online is organised by the teams behind C++On Sea and the technical team behind online and hybrid versions of CppNow, CppCon, ACCU, and many other established events.

Our CTO, Arno Schoedl, and our Software Engineer Jonathan Müller will both be presenting a talk during the conference. On Friday the 1st of March, at 13:00 UTC, Arno will present his talk “Why Iterators Got It All Wrong — and what we should use instead”. The key learnings from the talk are as follows: “The iterator concept in the C++ standard library is a flawed concept. It really represents two very different things that we should distinguish: Elements and borders between elements. With the new C++ transform, filter and reverse ranges, this distinction is important in practice.”

In Jonathan’s talk “The New Library On The Block: A strong library foundation for your next project” the audience will learn about a useful boost-like extension for the C++ standard library that workarounds flaws in C++ and extends the standard library algorithms in convenient ways. They will also learn tricks and techniques they can apply to their own projects. You can hear the talk on Saturday the 2nd of March at 14:30 UTC.

If you are curious to know more, be sure to stay on after the talks for a live Q&A where Arno and Jonathan will answer any questions you may have. The full schedule can be found here.

The talks will be uploaded to YouTube after the conference, where you can watch them afterwards at any time.  

We are looking forward to seeing you online!

Codeforces think-cell Round 1
February 17, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that think-cell is stepping into the world of competitive programming by sponsoring a round on Codeforces, this Saturday, Feb 17th!

Since its inception in 2010, Codeforces has become a widely respected competitive programming platform that offers a space for coding enthusiasts to participate in challenging contests, test coding and mathematical abilities, improve problem-solving skills, and engage in a global community of like-minded individuals.

This contest is a fantastic opportunity for coding enthusiasts to showcase their skills, compete with the best, and have a chance to win exciting prizes provided by think-cell.

We are proud to be a part of this event and look forward to the creativity and skill the programming community will bring to the challenge. Whether you're a seasoned programmer or a beginner, everyone is encouraged to participate and challenge themselves.

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