C++ Online

February 29, 2024

We're on a mission to make conference talks accessible to everyone and are excited to announce our video sponsorship for the first ever C++Online, an online only conference. C++ Online is designed to provide a more accessible option for those who may not be able to attend conferences in person.

C++ Online was organised by the teams behind C++On Sea and the technical team behind online and hybrid versions of CppNow, CppCon, ACCU, and many other established events.

Our CTO, Arno Schoedl, and our Software Engineer Jonathan Müller presented their talks during the conference. In Arno’s talk “Why Iterators Got It All Wrong — and what we should use instead”, the key learning was: “The iterator concept in the C++ standard library is a flawed concept. It really represents two very different things that we should distinguish: Elements and borders between elements. With the new C++ transform, filter and reverse ranges, this distinction is important in practice.”

In Jonathan’s talk “The New Library On The Block: A strong library foundation for your next project” the audience learnt about a useful boost-like extension for the C++ standard library that workarounds flaws in C++ and extends the standard library algorithms in convenient ways. They also learn tricks and techniques they can apply to their own projects.

The talks can be watched on YouTube very soon, so keep an eye out!

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