C++ on Sea in Kent, UK 2024

July 3, 2024

At the beginning of July, we'll be participating in the C++ on Sea conference for the fifth consecutive year. The event takes place in the beautiful Leas Cliff Hall, located by the sea in Folkestone, Kent, UK. The conference will feature four tracks over three full days, showcasing speakers from around the world.

We're pleased to announce that we once again will be the video sponsors for the conference! All presentations will be available on YouTube after the conference, so check out the channel for more content.

Two of our team members will be presenting in the main hall. On Thursday, July 4th at 14:00, Senior Software Engineer Sebastian Theophil will give his talk “Reusable code, reusable data structures” where he explores the software engineering principle DRY -- don't repeat yourself.

Jonathan Müller will deliver two presentations at the conference. His first talk, "An (In-)Complete Guide to C++ Object Lifetimes" is scheduled for Thursday, July 4th at 11:00. In this session the audience will learn about the rules for object creation and destruction, and when it is safe to form pointers and references to object. They will also learn about advanced functions like std::launder, std::bit_cast, and std::start_lifetime_as.

Jonathan’s second talk “Overengineering max(a, b): Mixed comparison functions, common references, and Rust's lifetime annotations” will take place on Friday, July 5th at 11:00.

We hope you enjoy the talks and wish everyone a happy conference!

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