ACCU in Bristol, UK

April 17, 2024

We're proud to be video sponsors of the ACCU Conference this year, an event that has been running for over 30 years! The conference was a hybrid format, with in-person gatherings in Bristol, UK, and live-streamed sessions online.

Our Software Engineer, Jonathan Müller, shared his thoughts on the conference:

"I attended ACCU for the second time after my first attendance in 2018. It’s a nice medium-sized conference and I enjoyed coming back to Bristol.

I gave the premiere of my “An (In-)Complete Guide to C++ Object Lifetimes”, where I did a 90-minute deep-dive into the rules for object creation and destruction. I was also asked to fill an empty 20 minute slot of the schedule, where I presented lexy, my C++ parser DSL library.

Two talks I want to highlight are “Reducing Binary sizes in Embedded Systems using C++ Exceptions” by Khalil Estell and “Understanding the Filter View to use it right” by Nico Josuttis. The first talk was an interesting exploration of the exception ABI on ARM and data to demonstrate that exceptions can actually produce less code than error handling using std::expected. Khalil also noticed optimization opportunities and also has plans to make the performance of exceptions faster. I’m definitely looking forward to his work. The second talk highlights a bunch of pitfalls with the design of std::ranges. While I think the trade-off the standard library makes here is acceptable, I agree with his premise that it is not easy to use. Luckily, think-cell’s ranges don’t suffer from the same problems."

Jonathan's presentation, along with all other conference talks, will be available on YouTube. We hope you enjoy the content!

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