Knowledge base KB0113

An email created by think-cell cannot be sent in Outlook


The first email composed by one of the following think-cell dialogs gets stuck in the Microsoft Outlook Outbox:

  • think-cell > Tools Tools Menu icon. > Send Slides...
  • think-cell > Tools Tools Menu icon. > Request Support...
  • Error Reporting

This behavior is often caused by different Outlook add-ins (e.g., Microsoft CRM add-in) or antivirus software with an active mail scanning option.

All attribute fields of this email are uninitialized and the Sent field is set to None. All subsequent emails created by the above-mentioned dialogs are sent normally as long as the first "stuck" email is not removed from the outbox. The email is opened by the respective software before it leaves the outbox, which changes its status to "read" and removes it from the queue of emails to be sent.


  • Disable problematic outlook add-ins.
  • Deactivate the scanning of outgoing emails in your antivirus software.
  • Alternatively, turn off Cached Exchange Mode.