Knowledge base KB0179

Scrolling issues in Notes Pane of PowerPoint 2013 & 2016


When a PowerPoint file is displayed in Normal view, one can edit speaker notes in the Notes pane below the slide by clicking the Notes button in PowerPoint's status bar. However, when trying to scroll the Notes pane with a mouse wheel in PowerPoint 2013 or 2016, it always returns to the line where the text cursor was placed.

The problem is caused by a bug in PowerPoint 2013 and 2016. We have filed a case with Microsoft. If your company has a Microsoft Office Support contract and you want to contact Microsoft to ask for a fix, you may refer to Microsoft case number 114072811653716. The error can be reproduced without think-cell.

Reproduction without think-cell

Please perform the following steps:

  1. Open PowerPoint 2013 or 2016 with a new empty file.
  2. In PowerPoint, go to Insert > think-cell > Tools Tools Menu icon. > Deactivate think-cell.
  3. Place a PowerPoint shape on the slide: Home > Drawing > Oval.
  4. Click the Notes button on the PowerPoint status bar in Normal view to display the Notes pane - see "Click to add notes" below the PowerPoint slide.
  5. Enter several lines of text in the Notes pane until the vertical scroll bar appears.
  6. Press Alt + F11 to open Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.
  7. Add this code as a Class Module and name it cEventClass:
    Public WithEvents PPTEvent As Application
    Private Sub Class_Initialize()
      MsgBox "EventHandler is now active." & vbNewLine & _
        " - Click OK then click to place cursor at the end of the first line in the notes pane." & vbNewLine & _
        " - Scroll down in the notes pane with a mouse wheel until the line with the cursor is no longer visible." & vbNewLine & _
        " - Click on the PowerPoint Oval on the slide."
    End Sub
    Private Sub Class_Terminate()
      MsgBox "EventHandler is now inactive."
    End Sub
    Private Sub PPTEvent_WindowSelectionChange (ByVal Sel As Selection)
    End Sub
  8. Add this code as a Module:
    Dim cPPTObject As New cEventClass
    Sub RunMe()
      Set cPPTObject.PPTEvent = Application
    End Sub
  9. In the PowerPoint presentation window, press Alt + F8 to open the Macro window
  10. Run the RunMe macro.
  11. A message box appears. Follow its instructions.


The following workarounds are available until Microsoft fixes this bug:

  • Increase the vertical size of the Notes pane to make the scroll bar disappear.
  • Scroll with the keyboard's arrow keys instead of the mouse wheel.
  • Use PowerPoint's Notes Page view instead: View > Presentation Views > Notes Page.