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How to add link lines (a.k.a. dependency lines) in Gantt charts?

Insert a think-cell universal connector or a PowerPoint connector like the Connector: Elbow Arrow and attach it to the ends of Gantt objects like bars or processes. In either case, the connectors will automatically follow the objects they are attached to.

Using think-cell universal connectors

Click Universal connector. on the think-cell menu to insert. Drag the handle in the middle of the connector to add a right angle. For more information refer to 8.2.7 Universal connectors in the user manual.

Link lines in Gantt chart.

Using PowerPoint connectors

Click Insert > Shapes > Lines > Connector: Elbow Arrow. (Connector: Elbow Arrow) to insert. The available attachment points on the think-cell objects are highlighted as usual by PowerPoint.

Link lines in Gantt chart.