Knowledge base KB0099

How can I temporarily deactivate think-cell?


I want to apply a manual formatting to my charts that is not possible in think-cell.


  1. In the PowerPoint ribbon, go to Insert > think-cell > Tools Tools Menu icon. > Deactivate think-cell.
  2. Apply your manual change, but make sure not to move shapes or change data.
  3. To reactivate think-cell click the Activate button with the think-cell logo. This is the only button left in the think-cell ribbon group when think-cell is deactivated.


  • In many cases, you will be able to seamlessly continue working with think-cell while your manual formatting is retained. However, this cannot always be guaranteed because some subsequent edits in think-cell may recreate the features you edited, which will reset them to the standard formatting. It often is best to make such changes to the final chart.
  • Most think-cell charts consist of a Microsoft PowerPoint Chart and various PowerPoint shapes. Some charts are created from PowerPoint shapes alone. Double-click the chart if you need to edit it.
  • You can completely deactivate think-cell for a particular chart while keeping think-cell's benefits for other charts. To achieve this, do move an element of the chart while think-cell is deactivated. Reactivate think-cell as described above and click the chart. Choose Continue editing without think-cell functionality as described in our user manual in B.2 Reimporting think-cell elements from PowerPoint.