Knowledge base KB0007

PowerPoint or Excel crashes when started by double-clicking a file


If PowerPoint or Excel consistently crashes when you try to open a certain file, you just discovered an unknown problem. Please, first of all, find out if the problem still occurs without think-cell being activated:

  1. Deactivate think-cell completely in PowerPoint:
    PowerPoint → Insertthink-cellTools Tools Menu icon. Deactivate think-cell
  2. Close PowerPoint and Excel.
  3. Open the affected file.


If the problem only occurs with think-cell being activated, we would appreciate you sending us the offending file, to assist us in solving the problem:

  1. Please contact our support team via email and attach the file with which the problem occurs.
  2. If you are unsure about your firm's policy on sending files to think-cell, please contact your IT support.

With think-cell disabled, you can load and edit the file that has been crashing. You cannot currently use the think-cell add-in with this file, but we will usually provide an update within a few days.