Knowledge base KB0149

Running Oracle Hyperion SmartView, you receive a think-cell error message "library\officeutilities\application.cpp line 13..: EXCEPTION Address 77124942 Code c0000005" and PowerPoint crashes


You use think-cell and Oracle Hyperion SmartView for Office on the same system and randomly receive the think-cell error message below, followed by a PowerPoint crash.

think-cell error message due to bug in Hyperion SmartView.


The behavior is caused by a bug in Oracle Hyperion SmartView for Office that was acknowledged by Oracle and can be reproduced without think-cell. Our users reported this issue in SmartView versions:

  • SmartView 9.3
  • SmartView 11.1.1 before
  • SmartView 11.1.2


Oracle has prepared a patch for this bug for one of our clients. Please feel free to contact Oracle refering to Oracle Bug Number 10327245 and request a patch.