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Segment colors in think-cell charts do not update when I apply conditional formatting to a cell in Excel


I am applying conditional formatting to Excel (KB0186) to change the segment colors in charts depending on the cell values. However, the change is not detected by think-cell, which consequently is not flagged to indicate a pending update in PowerPoint.


  • Enter a value in one of the cells. This will trigger an update of the chart including the conditional formatting. 

    This problem is caused by a bug in Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and later. It is possible to recreate this problem without think-cell:

    1. Open PowerPoint.
    2. Open Excel and enter some numbers into cells A1 to A5.
    3. Select the cells A1 to A5.
    4. Copy the selection.
    5. Paste the selection as a linked Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object:
      On the Home tab of the ribbon, go to ClipboardPastePaste Special….
      Select Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object and Paste link.
    6. Back in Excel, apply conditional formatting to one of the cells A1 to A5. Use a condition that makes the cell color change in Excel.

    Result: The embedded worksheet in PowerPoint does not update its cell color.
    We have reported this problem to Microsoft. If your company has a Microsoft Office Support contract and you want to contact Microsoft to ask for a fix, you may refer to Microsoft case number 114012811137516.

  • If this does not solve your problem please check the rules for conditional formatting in KB0186.