Knowledge base KB0024

Labeling result is not satisfactory


The automatic labeling function of think-cell charts gives an ugly result.


The goal of think-cell is to automatically place all chart labels correctly. In some cases (e.g., very small or dense charts), this may fail.

Alternative label position

Some labels offer multiple locations you can choose from. These labels are recognized by additional marks which appear with the selection frame when you move the mouse over them. Use the mouse to drag-and-drop such a label to the desired location.
For details please refer to 6.3 Manual label placement in our user manual.

No acceptable solution?

If there is no way to place the label acceptably using think-cell, please send the offending slide to our support team, ideally together with an example showing the placement you require. We will try to fix the issue in a future upgrade. In the meantime, please delete the offending label and use a regular PowerPoint textbox.