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How to customize default think-cell charts

think-cell's color definitions are by default taken from the presentation's design theme colors. PowerPoint presentations are always based on PowerPoint templates (*.potx files). You should therefore set up your templates correctly to make sure that all presentations created from these templates automatically use the correct settings.

The font type and size used in think-cell labels is taken from the body text placeholder on the slide master of the PowerPoint presentation or template, which also controls the default fonts PowerPoint uses throughout the file.

How to change the PowerPoint template settings is described in the following knowledge base articles:

  1. KB0100: How can I change the font color?
  2. KB0105: How can I change the default colors of charts created with think-cell?
  3. For information on how to set a slide or chart background correctly, refer to KB0129.

think-cell style files

Sometimes you may want to make changes to think-cell charts that are beyond the capabilities of the PowerPoint template. For example, you want to:

  • … use different colors than those defined in the PowerPoint template, or use the same colors but in a different order.
  • … have specific, different color defaults per chart type.
  • … customize the think-cell color menus.
  • … customize line styles and markers.

Additional settings can be defined on a per-template or per-presentation basis using think-cell style files as described in our user manual in C. Customizing think-cell.

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