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All the great minds of our time have one thing in common: They have to eat something now and then.

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think-cell takes this need very seriously, which is why it came up with the EAT++ series of career events. We regularly invite computer science students to talk over a meal in a relaxed atmosphere. We also support conferences on C++, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Graphics and give technical talks or complete technical courses on topics our developers know by heart.

We decided to do this, because we are constantly on the lookout for new software developers. We are very interested in emerging talent and will be happy to stay in touch with you over the longer term. Even if you have no specific plans for your professional future, we would still like to get to know you. And we think we can do that best when meeting in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

Virtual C++ Meetup in Chicago
April 7, 2021

In April, we are invited to give a talk for Chicago C/C++ Users Group. As it’ll be our first virtual meetup, we are very excited. Moreover, it’ll be the first Meetup in the USA for us.

Despite time difference and late night talk (2 am in Berlin), our CTO Arno is eager to present A Practical Approach to Error Handling for the USA C++ developers.

If you live in a US time zone, don’t miss your chance to talk to Arno live!

Virtual C++ Meetup in Toronto
April 13, 2021

Following the Meetup in Chicago, we continue with our roadshow in North America. In mid-April, our CTO Arno is invited to present his talk, A Practical Approach to Error Handling, in Toronto, Canada.

So, if you missed your chance on April 7, feel free to join C++TO The Toronto C++ User GroupMeetup event!

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November 3
EAT++ in Berlin

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If you have any questions regarding working at think-cell, our job openings or events, please feel free to contact our colleague Marisa Freese.
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