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All the great minds of our time have one thing in common: They have to eat something now and then.

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think-cell takes this need very seriously, which is why it came up with the EAT++ series of career events. We regularly invite computer science students to talk over a meal in a relaxed atmosphere. We also support conferences on C++, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Graphics and give technical talks or complete technical courses on topics our developers know by heart.

We decided to do this, because we are constantly on the lookout for new software developers. We are very interested in emerging talent and will be happy to stay in touch with you over the longer term. Even if you have no specific plans for your professional future, we would still like to get to know you. And we think we can do that best when meeting in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

Graduate Virtual Career Fair
20 October, 2021

This October, we are excited to take part in our first all across Europe career fair for Programmes and users that have graduated already or soon-to-be graduates organized by Graduateland — Europe's largest career portal for students and graduates.

After very positive experiences communicating with students on their platform, we are very much looking forward to having live conversations with young professionals from all over Europe.

If you are just at the beginning of your career path and looking for new opportunities, don’t miss a chance to talk to us during the event and learn all about open vacancies at think-cell!

24-29 October, 2021

October 2021 will be the second time think-cell is invited to present its talk on the biggest and most well-known conference within C++ community — CppCon.

This time, our Senior Software Developer Sebastian will talk about "Typescripten — Generating type-safe JavaScript bindings for emscripten". Currently, programmers developing web applications in WebAssembly with emscripten cannot call JavaScript functions in a type-safe way. Sebastian will talk about our new tool "typescripten" available at that solves this problem. typescripten uses the typescript compiler API to generate type-safe C++ interfaces to the standard JavaScript libraries which can be used from emscripten.

Despite it being an online talk, due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we are very excited to participate at this conference. See you there and don’t forget to ask all the questions you have on the topic!

6 November, 2021

We will open this November with a talk for a new country. think-cell is happy to join CppIndia. It will be our first time working with the South Asia market, and we are very excited about it!

Our Senior Software Developer Sebastian will give his brilliant talk, “Windows, macOS and the Web: Lessons from cross-platform development at think-cell.” Don’t miss your chance to register for this event! See you there :)

C++ Russia
15-18 November, 2021

It has become a tradition for think-cell to take part in C++ Russia every year. It’ll be our 5th time and 3rd speaker to present a talk for the C++ community in Russia.

Our Senior Software Developer Sebastian will present his new talk "Typescripten — Generating type-safe JavaScript bindings for emscripten". In his presentation Sebastian will discuss the challenges faced and choices think-cell made when designing the framework.

Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to Sebastian and other presenters talks on concurrency, performance, architecture and infrastructure solutions — all you need to make your code more concise and productive.

STEM Virtual Career Fair
17 November, 2021

In mid-November, we join STEM Virtual Career Fair where the focus is on applicants with backgrounds in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

The last event gathered over 1,500 applicants from all over Europe, so we are very excited to meet even more people live this time. If you are considering a career in the IT industry, don’t hesitate to sign up for this event and talk to our HR Manager Julia, as well as our developers and testing teams to find the right job at think-cell for you!

C++ Italy online
18 November, 2021

In the busy month of November, we will have a meetup with the C++ community from Italy. Our Senior Software Developer Sebastian will give his famous talk "Windows, macOS and the Web: Lessons from cross-platform development at think-cell". There, he will provide an overview of the C++ abstractions think-cell have implemented, focusing on the cross-platform problem areas where common semantics were hard to define due to limitations of either one of the operating systems, and showed the tools that let our company write a web application in C++.

If you did not get to listen to Sebastian at previous events, don’t miss your chance and register for this event! See you there :)

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EAT++ in Berlin

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