using std:cpp in Madrid, Spain 2023

April 27, 2023

At think-cell, we are always excited about the future of C++ and take any opportunity we get to participate in related conferences and meetups. This spring, our team took part in the "using std:cpp 2023" event in Madrid from April 27th - 28th.

The event was organized by José Daniel García, an Associate Professor in Computer Architecture at the University Carlos III of Madrid, and took place at the campus Leganes. Despite the hot weather and the light summertime vibes, the event attracted 180 participants, all keen to stay up to date with the latest trends in C++ development, network and share knowledge with each other.

Julia, Valentin, and Georgii had a great time connecting with the Spanish C++ community, which gave us the chance to network, answer questions about our company product, and share our thoughts on what it really means to work at think-cell. During the conference, our team happily handed out our Brandenburg Gate cookies, Haribo sweets, and coding socks. At the same time, our CTO, Arno Schödl, presented his talk “The C++ rvalue lifetime disaster” which included a Q&A.

Here is Georgii’s feedback after his first visit to "using std:cpp 2023":

“Besides the beauty of the Spanish nature, sunny weather, and wonderful Madrid architecture I was truly inspired by the welcoming atmosphere of the conference: The organizers and participants were not only knowledgeable but also incredibly friendly and approachable. It was a pleasure to meet and network with so many talented developers and have a chance to learn more about C++ from the exceptional conference talks. Indeed, it was a truly great experience to be part of such engaging discussions and activities.

Overall, "using std:cpp 2023" exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend and be part of this gathering that brought together so many passionate individuals and I am definitely looking forward to reconnecting with the amazing people I met at the next event in 2024!”

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