C++Now in Aspen, USA 2023

May 8, 2023

We would like to take a moment to share the latest updates on think-cell's sponsorship participation at the “C++ Now 2023” conference, which took place in Aspen, Colorado, USA, from May 8th to 12th.

With around 140 enthusiastic attendees this year, C++ Now goes beyond being an ordinary conference—It is a vibrant and dynamic hub where the future of C++ comes alive. We were honored to have two of our speakers rock the stage; Sebastian, Senior Software Engineer, delivered a talk titled  "Nobody Can Program Correctly: A Practical and Interactive Guide to Debugging C++ Code." and Jonathan, another Software Engineer, who showcased our exceptional open-source library through his talk on "New Library On The Block: A Strong Library Foundation for Your Next Project" and "A Deep Dive Into Dispatching Techniques." Their expertise and insights were met with resounding applause and appreciation and here is Jonathan's first-hand feedback on the event:

“I attended “C++Now 2023“ as a speaker together with my think-cell colleague Sebastian. “C++ Now 2023“ is by far the best C++ conference, and not just because of the beautiful venue in Aspen. Since it is a small conference, many attendees are also speakers which leads to very interesting conversations during the break. The last time I attended this event was in 2018 and I haven't seen many people since the pandemic, so it was good to be finally back and meet new and old C++ friends.

A big theme of this year’s conference was C++ successor languages, like Carbon or cppfront, on which there were many talks. Having worked on compilers in the past myself, I particularly enjoyed Chandler Carruth's talk about modern compiler design and his double session together with Josh Levenberg and Richard Smith about definition checked generics, a feature C++ is unfortunately missing. Other talks that stood out to me are Barry Revzin's discussion about input iterators and a surprising behavior when combining them with take, and Ben Deane's presentation about applicatives.

I also gave two talks myself: The first, The New Library on the Block, was about the think-cell-library, which is my actual job here at think-cell. I've presented some of its cool features, and its alternative range design. In my second talk, I've shared some cool tricks about writing faster switch statements in A Deep Dive Into Dispatching Techniques. Sebastian also gave a talk about debugging - In Nobody Can Program Correctly, he shared some techniques for better debugging and brought some of his favorite bugs.

The lightning talks are always a highlight at every conference and this year was no exception. I had never submitted one before, but always end up talking about something that came up during the week. This year, I gave a 5 minute presentation about a language proposal for better generator ranges; something Barry and I designed the night before at dinner. Sebastian gave an equally important review of the swimming pools at various C++ conferences (spoiler: the Olympic-sized swimming pool near Meeting C++ in Berlin won, so be sure to go there). 

After not enough sleep, the conference ended with a very long but very beautiful bus ride back to Denver airport. Until next year, C++Now!”

Well said, Jonathan! As a sponsor of the event, we have made all the talks and recordings from the conference available on YouTube, so that those who couldn't attend can catch up on the insightful discussions and best programming practices shared at C++ Now. It's an excellent opportunity for everyone to stay informed about the most intriguing topics that were raised during the conference.

Furthermore, as dedicated promoters of global C++ development, think-cell maintains a frequently updated Developer blog where you can find valuable insights and updates. We are committed to supporting and sponsoring various events, including CppNorth, CppNorth Lightning Talks, and CppCon. Later on, the recordings of these events can also be found on YouTube, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to stay up to date with the latest developments in the world of C++.

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