C++ Meetup at think-cell in Berlin, Germany 2018

February 20, 2018

On February 20th, while hosting the Berlin C++ Meetup Group at our office in Berlin, we had the pleasure of having Odin Holmes talk about "Tacit Meta-Programming". Odin is the CEO/CTO of Auto-Intern GmbH, contributor of the SG14 working group, and co-organizer of the emBO++ conference.

We were happy to hear Odin say "it's a luxury as a programmer to work for someone who understands the whole technology stack and understands that, as a company building on the stack, one really should give back and keep pushing the limits. I was not fortunate enough to find a company like that so I founded one. If I had found think-cell at the right time off my life I would probably be working for them”.

We thank Odin for joining us for this talk, coming all the way from Bochum to our office in Berlin. As Sebastian, one of our senior developers and organizers of the Meetup group said,“It´s always fun listening to Odin’s talks and it was a pleasure hosting him at the Berlin C++ Meetup and at think-cell. The number of attendees proves that. I think he will change the way we do template meta-programming in C++, and if his techniques improve everybody’s compile times by a little, he has done the world a big favor”.

After the talk we enjoyed pizza and drinks and our guests participated in developed engaging conversations until late in the evening. Thanks everyone for joining us at the event and see you next time!

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