E. Keyboard shortcuts

Most keyboard shortcuts that you know from PowerPoint work with think-cell elements as well. The same is true for keys that modify mouse operations like Shift-click for additive selection and Ctrl-drag for duplication of shapes.

The following table shows the keyboard shortcuts frequently used with think-cell, and the ones that offer additional functionality over Microsoft PowerPoint.

Shortcut key Description
F2 Toggle text-edit mode in text labels
Delete or
  • Delete the selected element
  • Remove the selected feature (e.g., label)


  • Move focus across shapes on the slide
  • Move focus across features (e.g., labels) of an element
Ctrl+Alt+ Gantt chart, agenda: Insert new activity


Checkbox only: set state
0 1 2 3 4 Harvey ball only: set state
Alt+Enter In Excel datasheet: line break
F7 In Excel datasheet: spell checking

Middle mouse button:
click and drag

In zoom view: Grab the slide and pan it around
Alt+Shift+Page up Page down Align text inside text boxes up or down
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ Multi-select labels
Ctrl+Alt+ Duplicate elements, e.g., in process flows


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