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think-cell now used by over 900,000 professionals at 22,000+ companies
Berlin, November 12, 2021

As of today, think-cell's customer base has grown to over 22,000 companies on all five continents. Over 900,000 professionals at these companies rely on our products every day to create complex data-driven presentations directly from Excel and Tableau data.

think-cell sponsors next generation of consultants
Karlsruhe/Berlin, August 17, 2021

In August, think-cell started supporting the Junior Consultant Network (JCNetwork) e.V. by providing its powerful charting and layout software to all members for free. Learn more.

think-cell now used by over 850,000 professionals at 20,000+ companies
Berlin, May 10, 2021

As of today, think-cell's customer base has grown to over 20,000 companies on all five continents. Over 850,000 professionals at these companies rely on our products every day to create complex data-driven presentations directly from Excel data.

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July 7
think-cell now used by over 650,000 professionals at 13,000+ companies
July 6
Indezinethink-cell version 9: Conversation with Markus Hannebauer

In his second conversation with Geetesh Bajaj, founder of Indezine, Markus talks about think-cell 09 and how users benefit from its ground-breaking AI features. Indezine is a popular web site, which is about PowerPoint techniques, tutorials, reviews, and interviews.

June 11
BrightCarbon Blogthink-cell 9 preview: A sneak peek of the best features

Occasionally a piece of software comes along that has the research behind it to solve a real problem for the user. think-cell is one of these roses in amongst the thorns.

Elizabeth Stodolski, Senior Consultant, BrightCarbon

Elizabeth from BrightCarbon — a leading UK- and US-based presentation design and eLearning agency — shares her favorite new features in think-cell 9.

June 11
think-cell 9 launched
November 10
think-cell now used by over 175,000 professionals at 3,750+ companies
September 14
think-cell supports the 50th anniversary of Berlin's Heinrich Hertz School
April 19
think-cell now used by over 150,000 professionals at 3,000+ companies
April 15
Zuses EnkelInterview with Markus Hannebauer
This series of articles about IT innovators from Berlin features a short interview with think-cell's's CEO.
January 26
think-cell 5.2 launched
December 22
IndezineConversation with Markus Hannebauer
In a short and interesting conversation with Geetesh Bajaj, founder of Indezine, Markus talks about think-cell's history and its products. Indezine is a popular web site which is about PowerPoint techniques, tutorials, reviews, interviews, etc. It's also home to the bi-weekly PowerPoint ezine.
November 16
BusinessWeekHip Berlin Goes Corporate.
"[...] Markus Hannebauer bet on Berlin back in 2001 and is now enjoying the payoff. When he was founding think-cell, which develops software that helps craft PowerPoint presentations, he considered going to the U.S. But a small seed grant from the city persuaded him to stay, and today his company enjoys sales of more than $10 million. 'Berlin,' he says, 'has no competition.' [...]"
November 14
New think-cell web site launched
October 27
think-cell now used by over 90,000 professionals at 1,800+ companies
October 23
Der TagesspiegelSieben Berliner wachsen besonders schnell. Deloitte zeichnet Top 50 der Technologiebranche aus.
"Sieben Berliner Firmen zählen zu den 50 am schnellsten wachsenden deutschen Unternehmen in den Bereichen Technologie, Kommunikation und Life Science. [...] Auf Platz vier rangiert das beste Berliner Unternehmen, die think-cell Software GmbH (3154 Prozent). Mit der Präsentationssoftware der Berliner können professionelle Power-Point-Anwender betriebswirtschaftliche Daten effizient darstellen. [...]"
October 21
Growth of 3154% makes think-cell number four in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50
May 14
think-cell 5.1 launched
December 18
think-cell chart now used by over 70,000 professionals at 1,300+ companies
October 22
think-cell makes it again into the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Rising Stars
April 7
think-cell chart now used by over 50,000 professionals at 900+ companies
Fraunhofer MagazinPräsentationen leicht gemacht
"Egal, ob es sich um die Geschäftszahlen vom vergangenen Jahr handelt oder das Budget des nächsten Jahres vorgestellt werden muss – Präsentationen gehören im Management zum Alltag. In nahezu jeder Besprechung unterstützen Folien die Ausführungen des Vortragenden. "think-cell entwickelt Produkte, die den kompletten PowerPoint-Prozess unterstützen und mit denen man einfach schneller zu ansprechenden Präsentationen kommt", sagt Dr. Markus Hannebauer, der zusammen mit Dr. Arno Schödl das Berliner Unternehmen führt. [...]"
November 30
think-cell chart now used by over 40,000 professionals at 750+ companies
November 2
Berliner Morgenpost – Technologiefirmen wachsen am schnellsten
"Elf der 50 dynamischsten Unternehmen kommen aus der Hauptstadt. Ein Anzeichen für den Strukturwandel."
October 16
think-cell chart 5.0 launched
October 12
Der TagesspiegelElf Berliner gehören zu den schnellsten
"Elf Berliner Unternehmen aus den Bereichen Informationstechnik, Kommunikation und Gesundheit gehören laut einer Rangliste der Prüfungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft Deloitte zu den 50 wachstumsstärksten Technologieunternehmen in Deutschland. [...] Ein weiteres Unternehmen aus der Hauptstadt, think-cell Software, wurde mit dem "Rising Star" prämiert."
October 11
manager-magazin.deHightech-Ranking Deutschlands Topfirmen
"Zum sechsten Mal in Folge hat die Prüfungsgesellschaft Deloitte die 50 am schnellsten wachsenden Technologieunternehmen Deutschlands ausgezeichnet. präsentiert die Gewinner."
Computerwoche.deDeloitte Fast 50: Die Gewinner sind ...
"Die Unternehmensberatung Deloitte hat gestern die Gewinner des deutschen Wettbewerbs "Fast 50" prämiert, womit die am schnellsten wachsenden Technologieunternehmen gemeint sind. [...] Ausgezeichnet als "Rising Star" – diese Unternehmen erfüllen seit Gründung drei Jahre lang vergleichbare Kriterien des Technology Fast 50 – sind think-cell, XING und Brainloop."
think-cell is the fastest growing technology startup in Germany
July 20
think-cell serves 4 of the Top 5 consultancies in Central Europe
June 30
think-cell chart now used by over 30,000 professionals at 600+ companies
March 28
think-cell chart 4.3 launched
March 15
think-cell chart now used by over 25,000 professionals at 500+ companies
November 17
think-cell chart 4 launched
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 – Das Handbuch, 2nd Edition, Microsoft Press, 2005
think-cell chart is covered by this edition of the best-selling PowerPoint book in Germany: The PowerPoint 2003 Handbook by Microsoft Press. In a section about waterfall charts the book authors state, "The ... waterfall chart [shown] could be created with some effort by using a stacked column chart, in which the lower segments are made invisible. Easier and quicker though, it can be done with the charting software think-cell chart. ... Using it, one can create sophisticated chart types [...] in the twinkling of an eye." A multi-page demonstration on how to build a complex waterfall chart with think-cell chart follows.
In another section, the authors present a case study on Gantt charts in PowerPoint and state, "Gantt charts can be quickly created using Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio, but importing and altering them in PowerPoint is cumbersome and often does not lead to optimal graphical results. With think-cell chart you can easily and quickly create and alter Gantt charts directly in PowerPoint."
September 19
think-cell becomes sponsor of the MIT Enterprise Forum of New York City
August 22
Sebastian Theophil presents at Smart Graphics 05
July 23
think-cell sponsors the 8th Munich Consultants Cup
March 1
Young consultants take a novel approach to chart creation
December 28
think-cell becomes Microsoft Certified Partner
October 15
think-cell launches online seminar room
Edward Osborn's emergence Web Log
Edward Osborn, presentation expert at emergence associates, reviews think-cell chart in one of his emergence web log entries. Under the title "think-cell chart Boosts PowerPoint's Charting Capabilities" Osborn states, "think-cell chart takes PowerPoint to another level, greatly expanding its charting capabilities and speeding up many time-consuming formatting tasks. Its features will especially benefit consultants and analysts but anyone who has to build a lot of data charts in PowerPoint will find it very useful."
August 1
think-cell starts series of road shows in North America
Consulting MagazineThe Undeclared War Against "PowerPoints"
Consulting Magazine – the industry's premier periodical – features think-cell software in an insightful article about PowerPoint and its usage in leading consulting firms. "To fill in the gaps left by PowerPoint, in particular in the domain of charts, think-cell software is very helpful," Karen Mazur, production manager at Mercer Management Consulting, is quoted as saying.
April 9
think-cell launches new web site
February 2
think-cell establishes U.S. sales contact in New York
Technologie Coaching Center Report
This German article presents a general portrayal of think-cell, its products and, in particular, its history as a successful IT startup in Berlin.
Presentation Directions – The Problem(s) with PPT Charts
This Accent Technologies newsletter article analyzes the various problems with PowerPoint charts. It names think-cell chart, among other dedicated software, as a suitable solution for high-value, customized presentations in several areas including consulting firm presentations and new business pitches for IT solution providers.
November 7
think-cell's R&D partner Fraunhofer FIRST celebrates 20th anniversary
July 27
think-cell publishes paper at SIGGRAPH 2003
June 26
think-cell publishes study on chart creation in consulting firms
June 17
VDI NachrichtenGründerfragebogen
A brief and witty interview with think-cell's CEO Markus Hannebauer has been published in VDI Nachrichten, a weekly newspaper on engineering matters.
May 5
think-cell publishes new book on web knowledge management
March 15
Wolfgang Clement visits think-cell at CeBIT 2003
March 12
think-cell goes to CeBIT 2003
November 1
think-cell publishes book on self-organization in computer systems
July 21
think-cell at SIGGRAPH in San Antonio, Texas
"Die drei besten Unternehmenskonzepte der Berliner Teilnehmer von Start-Up-Classic 2002 wurden im April mit insgesamt 50 000 EUR von der Berliner Sparkasse prämiert. Den ersten Platz konnte diesmal die Softwarefirma think-cell belegen. Der TU-Absolvent Dr. Markus Hannebauer ist der Managing Director des Teams, das das Erstellen von Präsentationsfolien mit ihrem Produkt "presenter" so schnell machen will wie das bloße Skizzieren auf einem Notizblock."
June 30
think-cell has one of the ten most promising business concepts in Germany
June 25
think-cell recruits at TU startup conference
June 24
think-cell dedicates its new office
June 21
think-cell recruits at HPI information day
April 27
Berliner ZeitungDie Turbo-Denker
Berlin's new city center, the Potsdamer Platz, served as the backdrop for the 2002 Berlin StartUp Award. Gregor Gysi, Berlin's "Senator of Commerce," presented think-cell with the award for the best business concept. This article from a major Berlin newspaper profiles think-cell.
April 26
think-cell wins Berlin StartUp 2002 competition


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