Berlin Swimming Team wins six medals at Paralympics 2012

Berlin/London, September 13, 2012

The swimming competitions at the Paralympics 2012 in London, which have seen their closing ceremony last Sunday, have been a great success for the think-cell supported Berlin Swimming Team. They carried off half of all German medals in swimming – in total six: One gold medal (Daniela Schulte), four silver medals (Niels Grunenberg, Sebastian Iwanow, Verena Schott, Daniela Schulte) and one bronze medal (Sebastian Iwanow).

"It’s fun to just help your friends when they need you and we are very happy to support this outstanding group of people. The Berlin Swimming Team has proven to be an absolute success story and we at think-cell are very proud to be part of that!", says think-cell's CTO Arno Schödl who has been a friend of Niels Grunenberg since his school days.

think-cell congratulates the German swimmers and would like to encourage the Berlin Swimming Team to keep up the good work!

Daniela Schulte carries the German flag during the opening ceremony.

think-cell's CTO Arno Schödl in front of the Aquatics Centre in London.

Daniela Schulte swims to her first Paralympics gold medal.

Niels Grunenberg: "This was so close ... but I’m very happy!"

Congratulations Niels! You were outstanding!

There it is. Let’s celebrate!

The closing ceremony was a night to remember. Thank you, London!

Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit congratulates the Berlin Swimming Team at Rotes Rathaus

About the Berlin Swimming Team

Since its founding in 2008 the Berlin Swimming Team has quickly established itself as one of the leading teams in Paralympic sports in Germany. Berlin not only offers the best training facilities to a large number of athletes, but also brings together young and inexperienced swimmers with very experienced ones. Since 2009, the Berlin Swimming Team accounts for at least a third of the National Swimming Team of the National Paralympic Committee Germany und therefore ensures that Berlin is well-represented in the competitions.

About think-cell

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