think-cell supports C++ User Group in Berlin

Berlin, July 19, 2013

In October 2012, Karsten Ahnert – founder of Ambrosys GmbH – started the Berlin C++ User Group along with the two computer scientists Jens Weller and Fabio Fracassi.

The C++ experts’ monthly meeting takes place on each third Tuesday of the month at c-base, Berlins underground living room for computer nerds. think-cell is sponsoring the initiative since the beginning of the summer and strongly encourages the exchange of technical knowledge within the group. Sebastian Theophil, senior software engineer at think-cell, is conducting the meetings in close collaboration with Karsten Ahnert.

Together they compile a new agenda for every meeting which usually starts at 7 pm and includes a talk related to C++. New members are welcome and you can apply free of charge at their Meetup group.

About think-cell

think-cell was founded in 2002 in Berlin and is today the leading vendor of productivity software for professional PowerPoint users. Its software covers the complete process of presentation creation – from analysis and preparation of business data to the graphical rendering of qualitative and quantitative results. Most international business consulting firms, as well as a large number of the well-known industrial global leaders, are among think-cell's customers.


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