think-cell sponsors the AIMC 2022 Virtual Conference

Berlin, November 15, 2022

think-cell, the leading productivity software for creating data-driven presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, announced their sponsorship of the AIMC 2022 Virtual Conference, taking place November 15-16, 2022.

Participants will hear from think-cell's Chief Marketing Officer, Gavin Drake, in his dedicated session on, “How Consultants Create (PowerPoint) Presentations that Move Business Forward” on Wednesday, November 16, at 2:40 p.m. EST. He will explore some of the macro trends that are driving consultants to look at ways to improve productivity. The presentation will also guide the audience through how to remove the traditional limitations of PowerPoint by enabling visually impactful charts, slides, and stories that unlock insights, inspire, and inform better business decisions.

The virtual conference brings together internal consulting professionals with industry experts to learn about best practices for developing effective relationships with senior leaders, opportunities to increase the impact of internal consulting, and more.

think-cell is uniquely positioned to partner with internal consultants to help them visualize the most complex data in new ways,” said Drake. “9 of the top 10 management consulting firms rely on think-cell to save 70% of their PowerPoint production time and we're excited to have the opportunity to show AIMC participants how they can experience the same benefits from using think-cell.”

About AIMC

The Association of Internal Management Consultants is the global best practice sharing and networking organization for strategically driving business results through the profession of Internal Management Consulting. They help members develop and refine skills in the design and implementation of executable solutions. They focus on building knowledge and awareness of new and changing methodologies required to improve quality, effectiveness, and bottom-line performance.

About think-cell

Founded in Berlin in 2002, think-cell is the de facto standard for creating professional presentations in PowerPoint. With productivity tools and support for 40+ chart types, all of the top 10 global consulting firms rely on think-cell. It is the software of choice for the DAX 40 and Fortune 500 companies and is taught at 9 of the top 10 US business schools.