think-cell sponsors the Standard C++ Foundation

Berlin/Redmond, December 15, 2017

Today, think-cell announced that it is now an official sponsor of the Standard C++ Foundation. The Standard C++ Foundation promotes international standards for the programming language C++. These standards are negotiated by international committees of technical experts in a consensus-based approach, so that they are developed by and for the international C++ developer community. As an invaluable resource for the community, the Foundation also makes both accurate information about modern standard C++ as well as high-quality C++ libraries available to all developers. Being an independent, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization, the Foundation relies on sponsors like think-cell to fund its work.

think-cell's investment in the standardization process is more than just monetary – parts of the think-cell code directly feed into the international standard.

Thank you, think-cell, for sponsoring the Standard C++ Foundation and challenging our Microsoft compiler team with complex C++ code.

Herb Sutter, President of the Standard C++ Foundation

All think-cell software has been written in C++ since the beginning. "The C++ programming language has really won us over based on the fact that it is very elegant, and we can work more efficiently than with other languages," says Arno Schödl, think-cell CTO. Actively participating in the development and standardization of C++ has therefore been a priority at think-cell for many years.

Since 2013, think-cell has been funding the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) working group for programming languages both financially and through participation. This support allowed the DIN working group to avert a funding crisis in 2012 and continue and even expand the scope of its standardization work. Today, the DIN working group is a voting member of ISO/IEC C++ and such secures ongoing German involvement in the international standardization of C++.

By becoming a sponsor of the Standard C++ Foundation alongside other international software giants, think-cell is lifting their participation in C++ development to a greater international level. We at think-cell are looking forward to supporting the Foundation’s objective of making the best resources available for C++ developers worldwide.

About think-cell

think-cell was founded in 2002 in Berlin and is today the leading vendor of productivity software for professional PowerPoint users. Its software covers the complete process of presentation creation – from analysis and preparation of business data to the graphical rendering of qualitative and quantitative results. Most international business consulting firms, as well as a large number of the well-known industrial global leaders, are among think-cell's customers.


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