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Trend Micro Threats/Violations Found message appears when opening the internal datasheet


When I try to insert a think-cell chart or open the internal datasheet of an existing chart, a Trend Micro message appears saying that a threat has been found and blocked.

Trend Micro Error: Threats/Violations Found

With older versions of think-cell, the following symptoms also occurred:

  • The internal datasheet did not open.
  • A think-cell message appeared, stating A think-cell update has been installed. To use the new version, please restart the application, even though no update had been installed.


Trend Micro flags think-cell's internal datasheet as possible malware and attempts to block it.


think-cell 9 and later includes a workaround which allows the datasheet to open and work as expected. The Trend Micro message, however, still appears. Please download the current think-cell version from our download web page.

We discussed the issue with Trend Micro, but a complete solution has not yet been found. If you are a customer of Trend Micro and would like to request a solution, please contact Trend Micro support and refer to ticket number SEG-11331/ 00493169.

If you would like to completely suppress the Trend Micro message, there are also two Trend Micro settings that you can change. We recommend contacting your IT department before changing any anti-virus settings.

  • The message will not appear if anti-exploit protection is disabled by deselecting Immediately close programs that have been exploited by hackers in the Scan Preferences settings.
  • Adding Excel.exe to the Exceptions List will mean that Trend Micro no longer checks Excel for vulnerabilites and will therefore no longer flag think-cell.

Contact Support

If your internal datasheet does not open although you have the latest version of think-cell 9 installed, please contact our support team.

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