Knowledge base KB0190

Error during think-cell installation


An error message is shown during the installation process, e.g.,

error when installing new think-cell version

If the installer program does not start please refer to KB0003.


When installing a new think-cell version, the installer automatically tries to uninstall any think-cell versions you previously installed. If this fails, the new version cannot be installed. Try first if existing think-cell versions can be uninstalled:

  1. Open the list of installed programs in the Control Panel:
    Press Start or the Windows key → type Control PanelEnterPrograms and Features

  2. Select think-cell → Uninstall

In case you receive another error message, problems in the Windows Registry prevent the uninstallation. Such general uninstall problems can be resolved by the following Microsoft Fix-it solution: Fix problems that programs cannot be installed or uninstalled.

Contact Support

If Microsoft Fix-it did not help, contact our support team and attach to your message:

  • The description of the steps that lead to the error.
  • A screenshot of the error message window.
  • For experienced users: Install think-cell from the command line and send us the log file.

    1. Please download the current think-cell version from our download web page. Save the think-cell installer (e.g., setup_think-cell_241xx.exe) on your desktop

    2. Open a Windows command prompt:
      Press Start or the Windows key → type cmdEnter

    3. Use the following command to go to your Desktop directory:
      cd %USERPROFILE%\Desktop Enter

    4. Run the think-cell installer manually and create a log file, e.g.,:
      setup_think-cell_241xx.exe /L*v Install.log Enter

    5. If the installation works, you may delete the log file.