Knowledge base KB0190

Error during think-cell installation


An error message is shown during the installation process, e.g.,

error when installing new think-cell version

If the installer program does not start please refer to KB0003.


When installing a new think-cell version, the installer automatically tries to uninstall any think-cell versions you previously installed. If this fails, the new version cannot be installed. Try first if existing think-cell versions can be uninstalled:

  1. Open the list of installed programs in the Control Panel:
    Press Start or the Windows key → type Control PanelEnterPrograms and Features

  2. Select think-cell → Uninstall

In case you receive another error message, problems in the Windows Registry prevent the uninstallation. Such general uninstall problems can usually be resolved by following Microsoft's instructions, Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed.

Contact Support

If Microsoft's instructions did not help, contact our support team and attach to your message:

  • The description of the steps that lead to the error.
  • A screenshot of the error message window.
  • For experienced users: Install think-cell from the command line and send us the log file.

    1. Please download the current think-cell version from our download web page. Save the think-cell installer (e.g., setup_think-cell_241xx.exe) on your desktop

    2. Open a Windows command prompt:
      Press Start or the Windows key → type cmdEnter

    3. Use the following command to go to your Desktop directory:
      cd %USERPROFILE%\Desktop Enter

    4. Run the think-cell installer manually and create a log file, e.g.,:
      setup_think-cell_241xx.exe /L*v Install.log Enter

    5. If the installation works, you may delete the log file.