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Conflict with Digital Guardian: Closing Excel triggers 'HRESULT 0x800A03EC'


I have Digital Guardian and think-cell installed. When I close Excel, a think-cell error appears seemingly at random:

think-cell error message


A similar issue was fixed by Digital Guardian in version or later (DG case number 104993). For further information, refer to this Digital Guardian Support Portal article. (Note that you must be an authenticated Digital Guardian Support customer to be able to access it.)

However, the error may still occur in other instances, e.g. using the following steps:

  1. Open Excel
  2. Select some cells, e.g., cell A1:C3
  3. Insertthink-cellChartsStacked
    → PowerPoint opens
  4. Insert (empty) chart in PowerPoint
  5. Save both the PowerPoint and Excel file, e.g., on the Desktop
  6. Close both PowerPoint and Excel
  7. Open Windows Task Manager → (More Details) → Details tab and make sure that all Excel.exe and PowerPnt.exe processes are closed
  8. Open saved PowerPoint file
  9. Double click on (empty) think-cell chart
    → Internal datasheet opens
    → Excel files opens (internal datasheet closes), ok expected behavior
    → Two Excel processes are open in Task Manager
  10. Close Excel
    → Only the internal datasheet's Excel process remains in Task Manager
  11. Wait until the internal datasheet's Excel process is closed (may take up to 30s)
    CRITICALWITHMSG tcaddin\officeutilities\embeddedidispatchimpl.h(121): HRESULT 0x800A03EC

The problem does not occur after deactivating Digital Guardian. While testing without Digital Guardian, please make sure that all Digital Guardian processes are closed in Task Manager → (More Details) → Details tab.


Report the issue to your Digital Guardian support and refer to DG case number 104993.


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