Knowledge base KB0004

The think-cell add-in is missing in PowerPoint


If you cannot find think-cell in PowerPoint there are several possible causes. Please try the following solutions in sequence:

1. Check if think-cell is already running

think-cell is running if the think-cell group appears on the Insert tab of PowerPoint's ribbon. Proceed with the subsequent solutions if the group does not exist.

think-cell toolbar in insert ribbon

2. Restart your PC

To ensure that no hidden PowerPoint or Excel processes remained stuck on your machine, disrupting normal operation, please restart your PC.

Alternatively, close all respective processes in the Windows Task Manager.

  1. Open the Windows Task Manager and check for remaining POWERPNT.EXE or EXCEL.EXE processes.
    • Windows Vista and Windows 7: Task ManagerProcesses.
    • Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10: Task ManagerMore DetailsDetails.
  2. End these processes.

3. Activate think-cell from within Excel

Is there a think-cell group on the Insert tab of Excel's ribbon? If so, try think-cell's built-in repair mechanism to enable it in PowerPoint, too:

  1. Restart your PC (alternatively you can stop all PowerPnt.exe and Excel.exe processes as explained above in 2. Restart your PC).
  2. Open Excel, and select a cell range (e.g., type "1" in cell C3 and then select A1:C3).
  3. Click on Insertthink-cellChartsStacked.
  4. After PowerPoint opens, open a file and try to click onto a slide to place the chart.

4. Check if think-cell was automatically disabled

Verify that think-cell was not automatically disabled as described in KB0005.

5. Check PowerPoint security settings

Verify that the security settings in PowerPoint do not prevent think-cell from being loaded as explained in KB0187.

6. Reinstall think-cell

Reinstall think-cell. Please download the current think-cell version from our download web page.

7. Contact Support

If think-cell still does not start correctly, please contact our support team and attach the think-cell log files. Because think-cell is not running, the log files must be collected and attached manually. Please follow these steps:

  • Open a new Windows Explorer window and type


    into the address field and press Enter.

  • If you want to browse to these directories but cannot see them, they are probably set to invisible. You can change that in Windows Explorer by checking:

    • Windows Vista and Windows 7:
      OrganizeFolder and search optionsViewShow hidden files and folders.
    • Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10:
      ViewShow/hideHidden Items.
  • Please send all files with the extension .log contained in this folder to our support team. This may be any of the following files: POWERPNT_log.log, EXCEL_log.log, TCMAIL_log.log, TCUPDATE_log.log, TCRUNXL_log.log, PPTTC_log.log, setup_think-cell_xxxxx_log.log.