Knowledge base KB0090

Some regular PowerPoint buttons show "think-cell" in their tooltips


When working in PowerPoint, some regular PowerPoint buttons show "think-cell" in their tooltips.


think-cell needs to hook some PowerPoint functions in order to seamlessly integrate into the regular PowerPoint behavior. For instance, think-cell needs to update its internal information when you click the Align button on a selection of think-cell objects. Typically, when you click a button that is hooked by think-cell, think-cell does its own maintenance work and then forwards the call to PowerPoint which executes the same function as it normally would.

The tooltip including the hint to the add-in that hooked the button is generated by some versions of Microsoft Office. There is no way for an add-in to change or suppress this hint. By way of the tooltip, PowerPoint informs the user that a certain function is being redirected to some add-in, which can be regarded as a security feature helping to avoid accidental execution of malicious software.

Further Problems?

If you experience problems with a certain PowerPoint function and you suspect that think-cell may be the culprit because it has hooked that function, you can quickly find out by following the instructions in KB0091.


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