think-cell Software releases version 12 with new PowerPoint enhancements

BERLIN, Germany – 9th March 2023

The leading productivity software, think-cell, is rolling out its latest update, which offers significant enhancements that empower users with better control, connection, and data visualization. think-cell 12 is currently available for all customers through the customer portal as well as to prospective customers through the free think-cell 30-day trial download.

The latest version of think-cell includes more of what customers already love about the software. The addition of profile charts bolsters its ever-expanding portfolio of charts and graphs, and users can expect to see even more from the company that was built to make PowerPoint better and PowerPoint users more productive.

think-cell 12 enables users to create rotated line charts (profile charts) and rotated combo charts. These charts enable people to tell more compelling stories using data to show the relationships between different types of data and illustrate trends over time. Like all think-cell charts, these more sophisticated visualizations of data help people make better decisions based on the information presented.

Robin Jung, Head of Product Management with think-cell is excited about what the latest version provides even beyond new charting capabilities, “think-cell 12 is proof that a series of small enhancements can make a big difference. From linking Harvey balls, checkboxes, and images to data in Excel to aligning think-cell elements on a page, think-cell continues to shave hours off your day while making every presentation work harder."

With this latest release, users can now select individual partitions in the bubble and scatter charts directly while also applying a different fill color for each. This enhancement makes it simple to highlight the data in multiple quadrants to better distinguish what trends and insights are most important in your presentation. 

On top of this, the latest software version allows users to edit the data layout of both its internal datasheet and Excel links. For users looking to link a chart to an existing Excel worksheet without modifying the layout, think-cell's editable data layout feature is highly beneficial. Jung added, “think-cell provides even more value when using Excel linking capabilities, as customers can now highlight all linked elements in their PowerPoint presentations, which is a level of insight that up until now has not been possible.”

With its latest PowerPoint enhancements, think-cell is committed to evolving as a formidable player in the Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel add-in market. Jung sees the latest release as a significant milestone for think-cell,“We have an extremely stable product with millions of users around the world. We are going to continue to build on this foundation to ensure that customers are not only more productive, but also can move business forward by accelerating the myriad of decisions that surround the presentation process.”

About think-cell

Founded in Berlin in 2002, think-cell is the de facto standard for creating professional presentations in PowerPoint. With productivity tools and support for 40+ chart types, all of the top 10 global consulting firms rely on think-cell. It is the software of choice for the DAX 40 and Fortune 500 companies and is taught at 9 of the top 10 US business schools.