Get technical support

1. Update your think-cell version

Our experience shows that many technical issues can be addressed by a software update. The recommended first step is therefore to download and install the latest version of our software.

Download latest think-cell version

2. Search our online resources

Our user manual covers all features of think-cell and all known usage questions. In addition, our knowledge base covers all technical issues we are aware of. The recommended second step is therefore to search these online resources for answers to your question.

3. Report your problem to our support team

If an update and a search in our online resources has not successfully addressed your issue please report it to our support team. An example slide in case of a feature request or a problem reproduction in case of a technical issue will help us to quickly understand your request.

  • If you can start think-cell please use the "Request Support..." item from think-cell's "More" menu in PowerPoint.
  • If you cannot start think-cell please .

Non-technical issues?

Our support addresses technical issues only. If you have questions regarding ordering or licensing, please refer to our order page.