Knowledge base KB0169

Conflict with SAP BusinessObjects Analysis: Closing Excel file triggers 'APIERR 1400 Invalid window handle'


think-cell and SAP BusinessObjects Analysis are enabled concurrently. I open both an Excel file which contains SAP functionality and another Excel file, e.g., a blank Excel file. When I close my Excel file with SAP functionality, I receive an error message:



Our developers analyzed the issue in detail. According to our analysis, hooking/unhooking issues cause this problem when multiple add-ins are available. A similar issue has already been reported by us for a different SAP add-in: SAP Business Explorer (see SAP OSS note 1019869 / 2011).

A hook is a mechanism by which a function can intercept events before they reach an application. The function can act on events and, in some cases, modify or discard them. The technique used for hooking by SAP BusinessObjects Analysis can cause errors when several add-ins are present at the same time. For further details, please see KB0201.


It is not possible for think-cell to work around this problem. Therefore we have tried to contact the SAP support to find a solution. We were advised that customers who are experiencing this issue should file an incident with SAP directly. If you would like to contact SAP and ask for a fix, you may refer to incident 557711 / 2018.

As advised by SAP: "To get assistance with your issue please create an incident by logging on with your S-user ID and follow the steps within the Incident Wizard. Please note that your S-User ID must have the authorizations to create an incident."