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The current date or * (asterisk) is shown in think-cell labels


When viewing a PowerPoint presentation in a program other than Microsoft PowerPoint, e.g., PowerPoint Viewer for mobile devices, some think-cell labels instead of showing their actual content show * (asterisk), another character or the current date, or are empty.

Labels show asterisk in Lync 2010

think-cell needs to use special elements of the .ppt and .pptx file format to display textboxes that contain automatically updating data. Affected viewers and software do not fully and correctly support the public .ppt and .pptx file format.

The elements used by think-cell to display automatic text in text boxes are Presentations containing such elements can be produced without think-cell in Office 2003 as follows:

When viewing such a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007 or any other affected software, the date field is shown incorrectly, e.g., as * (asterisk) or an empty text box.


We recommend to use Microsoft Office to view the PowerPoint files. Microsoft Office is available for most operating systems (including smart phones and tablets).
Alternatively, you can save the presentation as a PDF file and use a PDF viewer.