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Conflict with SAP BusinessObjects Analysis in Excel


think-cell and SAP BusinessObjects Analysis (AO) are enabled concurrently. I open two Excel files, at least one of which contains SAP functionality. When I close my Excel file with SAP functionality, I receive an error message, e.g.:


Other error messages, which may occur instead:

  • CRITICALWITHMSG library\ui\dpi_win.cpp(81): VERIFY(tc::ui::win::g_dlluser32dpi.GetDpiForWindow(wnd))
  • CRITICAL library\objecttypes\obj.cpp(40): _ASSERTIF m_nRefCnt=1073741825, (unsigned int)0x40000000=1073741824
  • CRITICAL library\ui\win\safesubclassimpl.cpp(239): _ASSERT(0!=lResult)


The problem was fixed in SAP AO version 2.8 SP4

Cause in previous SAP AO versions

Our developers analyzed the issue in detail. According to our analysis, hooking/unhooking issues caused this problem when multiple add-ins were available. This problem was originally reported for SAP BusinessObjects Analysis (see SAP ticket 557711 / 2018) and for SAP Business Explorer (see SAP ticket 1019869 / 2011). As SAP Business Explorer is in maintenance mode at SAP, a fix for SAP BEx is not expected.

A hook is a mechanism by which a function can intercept events before they reach an application. The function can act on events and, in some cases, modify or discard them. For further details, please see KB0201.


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