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How do I uninstall think-cell?

Instructions to uninstall on Windows:

You can uninstall think-cell by way of the Microsoft Windows Control Panel:

  1. Open the list of installed programs in the Control Panel:

    Press Start or the Windows key → type Control PanelEnterPrograms and Features

  2. Find think-cell in the list, select it, and click the Control Panel's Uninstall button.

If you cannot see think-cell in the list of installed programs, then think-cell probably was installed by an administrator and you do not have the necessary privileges to remove it. Similarly, even with administrative privileges, you may not be able to see or remove local user installations of think-cell. In these cases, contact the person who originally installed the software.

In case uninstalling think-cell fails with an error message, refer to KB0190 for an alternative solution.

Instructions to uninstall on a Mac:

If the license key expires, the think-cell License Key window shows an Uninstall button.

To uninstall think-cell at any other time:

  1. Open a Terminal window.
  2. Copy and paste the following command into the Terminal, then press Enter

    open "/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/think-cell/tcaddin.plugin/Contents/Helpers/"

  3. Quit and restart PowerPoint and Excel.

If you also want to remove think-cell's temporary files:

Navigate to the following two folders (again beginning with "/"):

/Users/[YOUR_USERNAME]/Library/Group Containers/

/Users/[YOUR_USERNAME]/Library/Group Containers/

and delete the files there as well.


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