What's in progress at think-cell

Development work is complete for the following list of features, but they are not yet included in a version that is available for download. Once features are included in such a version, they are moved to that version's list of new features and removed here.

  • Import charts from MekkoGraphics
  • Charts can be aligned at their bounding box, not only at their plot area
  • Data table aligned with chart categories and series
  • Optimized default ribbon tab
  • Lines from Excel in think-cell table also work with empty cells
  • Per-slide datasheet to be shared between charts and tables of that slide
  • Flaticon as stock image source
  • Offline manual
  • Excel links support almost all conditional formatting
  • Support for quadratic, cubic and quartic trend lines

The following list of features in progress is preliminary and will be amended, expanded and re-prioritized during further development.

  • Full-text search in slides in filesystem folders
  • Full-text search in slides on SharePoint
  • Searching for visually similar slides and slides similar in text content
  • Slide templates
  • Fonts customizable in style file
  • Fill scheme editor
  • Excel links connected to sliders
  • Stock images from file system and SharePoint folders
  • 2x2/3x3 qualitative scatter charts
  • Add separator lines to tables and tabular layouts
  • Agenda support for multiple columns with additional information: time, speaker, duration, etc.
  • Interactive style file editor
  • Switch links between Excel workbooks containing copies of the same link
  • More sanitization