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What students say

think-cell Ambassador Kalane Abbey.

I used to dread creating charts until I started using think-cell. Now I actually look forward to exploring the many ways I can bring numbers to life with think-cell's numerous features!

Kalane Abbey, MBA Student at University of Michigan Ross School of Business

think-cell Ambassador Keri Arslancan.

I learned about think-cell after working with some consultants. I was amazed at how quickly they created visually stunning yet complex charts and graphs. At Tuck, I explored think-cell to develop that skill-set, which provided a distinct value-add to my first-year project team and allowed me to better contribute to my summer internship!

Keri Arslancan, MBA Student at Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business

See how think-cell addresses your
typical PowerPoint pain points

think-cell helps you create stunning charts in minutes, boosts your slide layout and automates your regular reports. And all this with a single PowerPoint add-in. Here are its most awe-inspiring features.

Calendar-based Gantt charts

Ever tried to import a Gantt chart from Microsoft Visio or Project into PowerPoint? If yes, you know that this doesn't work very well. If not, you might still use basic boxes and lines to draw them yourself.

think-cell puts an end to these tedious best practices. You create and update calendar-based Gantt charts directly in PowerPoint. Features such as 5- or 7-day work weeks, remark and responsibility labels or time span brackets make sure that your work time on Gantts reduces to a few minutes instead of hours.

Automatic waterfall charts

Creating waterfalls in PowerPoint is time-consuming and error-prone. You either push basic shapes around or use a hidden data row that supports floating segments. Hence, any data change implies many manual calculations and adjustments.

In think-cell, positive data values in waterfalls build up, negative values build down. This works automatically, even for stacked segments. Segments can cross the baseline and build upon segments in any category – not only the previous one.

Data-driven visual annotations

Whether it be total labels, percentages, averages, breaks, difference arrows or CAGRs – think-cell will help you to tell the story behind your data by offering dozens of data-driven visual annotations.

And what is even better: All calculations and placements are done automatically. Your derived data will always be correct and labels or arrows will never overlap.

Mekko charts for complex analyses

Want to show market share for different competitors and different product categories at the same time? Why not add a second dimension to your data visualization? A Mekko (also known as Marimekko) is the perfect chart for this job.

think-cell's Mekko chart is a two-dimensional 100% chart or stacked chart. Column widths are calculated automatically or can be provided by you. Values can be ordered by size and small values can be hidden in an "other" series.

Smart text boxes

When it comes to slide layout in PowerPoint, all your options entail unsatisfactory compromises: You may use an inflexible PowerPoint table, combine standard text boxes and face many tedious manual adjustments, or you may use a template from PowerPoint's SmartArt or your own library and soon bump into its limitations.

Using think-cell's smart text boxes, you can quickly build up complex slides like this one. When adding text and other elements, the slide layout is continuously optimized automatically. Meaningful actions like snapping together, aligning and moving elements define a smart grid so that you never need to place or resize shapes manually.

Flexible process flows

Have you ever tried building a simple process chain in PowerPoint? Are you still struggling with the right positioning of basic shapes or trying to combine weird SmartArt objects that never align correctly and fall apart after a few interactions?

Then meet our process flow. With it you create and change simple flows in minutes. But since it is based on a powerful generic layout engine, you are completely flexible and can build any conceptual slide based on pentagons, chevrons and text boxes.

Automated data visualization

You spend hours and hours on updating charts in your reports every month? Cut down these hours to a few minutes!

With think-cell's data links, every chart in your presentation can be linked to Excel and updated either manually or automatically. think-cell programmatic interfaces offer even more automation. Once set up, they will create entire slide decks from your chart templates and designated data. Periodic reporting couldn't be easier.

Data extraction from any column chart image

Have you recently seen a chart on a web site or in a PDF report that you would have liked to use in your presentation? Using copy & paste in this situation yields good visual results, but makes changes impossible. On the other hand, guessing and retyping the data underlying the chart is time-consuming and error-prone.

Using think-cell, you simply drag a transparent window over any image of a column chart on your screen, hit the import button and let our software do the rest. It will not only correctly extract the data, but also the category labels and put them into your Excel sheet. From there, a think-cell chart in PowerPoint is only one click away.

Frequently asked questions

think-cell licenses for academic use are completely free of charge. There is no autorenewal function and we will never ask you for your bank or card details.

Any currently enrolled student at a verified higher education institution can access our program. Under this free licensing scheme, the software must be used exclusively for educational and non-commercial purposes.

Students are eligible to sign up for a free think-cell license via the think-cell Student Portal.

If you are a member of teaching staff, you can request a license directly via our Professor Portal.

Each academic license will be fulfilled by a free license key, valid for 12 months or until your graduation. Upon expiry, if you are still a student, you will be able to request a renewal. A new key will be generated and you will enjoy uninterrupted access to think-cell.

Yes! Any student using think-cell will access the same product with full functionality and features as any paying customer using it for commercial purposes. Any users with a free academic license will also have the same level of software updates and access to new versions and upcoming features of think-cell.

Yes! You can request a free license as a member of teaching staff via our Professor Portal. You will be granted a free 12-month license pending a verification.

think-cell licenses for academic use are completely free of charge. There is no autorenewal function and we will never ask you for your bank or card details.

Any teaching staff at a verified higher education institution can access our program. Under this free licensing scheme, the software must be used exclusively for educational and non-commercial purposes.

Teaching staff are able to request a free license via our Professor Portal. We will verify your eligibility and typically send you a confirmation within a few days.

Any student currently enrolled in higher education is eligible to validate their own free license. To access their license key, they need to simply refer to the Student Portal.

Yes! We have a wealth of material to help you integrate think-cell into the classroom and engage your students with the hands-on use of an industry-standard tool.

From case-based homework assignments to free and comprehensive training resources, as a member of teaching staff you will be well set to help your students learn in-demand skills with think-cell.

For more information on how think-cell can help your students, please get in touch with our team at

Yes, staff at an accredited higher university are eligible for free and full use of our tool, but this license must be used exclusively for non-profit or educational purposes.


To request access as a member of staff, simply send a request to us here. We will verify your eligibility and typically send you a confirmation within a few days. For questions please reach out to at

Any student or member of teaching staff can gain free access to think-cell via our landing page for students and professors.

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