Purchase or renew licenses

Are you a new customer?

To place your first order for our software:

  1. Please read our pricing page. It explains our licensing scheme and provides pricing information for typical numbers of licenses. Company-specific information is also available.
  2. Decide whether to place your order online or through a reseller:
    • Even if you have to pay by invoice you can use our online shop. You will save money and receive your licenses in just a few minutes.
    • If your organization does not allow online ordering you can approach one of our resellers. You might see premiums on top of our online pricing and delivery of the software might take a few days.

Are you a recurring customer?

Renewing licenses is just like ordering new ones:

  1. Please refer to our pricing page to get the most up-to-date pricing information.
  2. We recommend using our online shop to place renewal orders but you can also approach one of our resellers for this purpose.

If you want to place an incremental order to add users to an existing deployment the recommended steps depend on how you placed your initial order:

  • If you placed the initial order online you can safely use our online shop to order the additional licenses also.
  • If you have used one of our resellers for your initial order please approach the same reseller again for incremental orders to avoid any confusion.

Do you have a specific question?

If you have a specific question regarding purchasing and licensing you can refer to our frequently asked questions page to look for an answer. If your question is still not answered feel free to contact our sales team.