Frequently asked questions on purchasing and licensing

Since it it very likely that your question regarding purchasing and licensing has been asked before, please refer to the following list for immediate answers to frequently asked questions.

Ordering process

I know that my company holds licenses. How can I tap into that deployment?More
What are your payment terms when paying by invoice?More
What are your shipping terms?More
Can you send me a pro-forma invoice to raise a purchase order?More


We already own a license key and want to add a user to it. How much will that cost?More
Do you offer special discounts for new or recurring customers?More
Do you offer special discounts for resellers?More
Do you offer special discounts for academic or nonprofit organizations?More
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License administration

What happens when my think-cell license expires?More
Why don't you offer perpetual licenses for your software?More
How do I transfer a license to a new user or computer?More
Do I need a separate license for my home office?More