Recent news about us

Although we are spending most of our resources on improving our software, from time to time we report major achievements and press coverage on this page.

March 31 think-cell now used by over 300,000 professionals at 6,000+ companies more
January 20 think-cell sponsors 50 student tickets for Meeting C++ 2014 in Berlin more
December 3 think-cell 6 launched more
October 14 think-cell now used by over 275,000 professionals at 5,500+ companies more
October 8 think-cell to hold series of lectures on C++ at TU Darmstadt more
July 19 think-cell supports C++ User Group in Berlin more
May 31 think-cell now used by over 250,000 professionals at 5,000+ companies more
May 3 think-cell attends official C++ Standards Committee meeting in Bristol more
February 26 heise online – think-cell sichert deutsche Beteiligung an C++-Standardisierung
A short article in Germany's leading IT news source on think-cell's commitment to support the national and international C++ standardization process.
February 26 think-cell secures C++ standardization work in Germany more
January 17 Valentin Ziegler speaks at Technical University Munich more
January 9 Valentin Ziegler speaks at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology more
December 17 think-cell 5.3 launched more
October 26 think-cell sponsors the 1st European C++ meeting more
October 5 think-cell now used by over 225,000 professionals at 4,600+ companies more
September 13 Berlin Swimming Team wins six medals at Paralympics 2012 more
September 7 think-cell congratulates Daniela Schulte on her gold medal at Paralympics 2012 more
September 5 think-cell congratulates Niels Grunenberg on his silver medal at Paralympics 2012 more
September 3 think-cell cheers for Niels Grunenberg at Paralympics 2012 more
July 11 think-cell supports the Berlin Swimming Team at Paralympics 2012 more
July 5 Sebastian Theophil speaks at RWTH Aachen more
May 7 think-cell's web site is now multilingual more
April 12 think-cell celebrates its 10th anniversary more
April 2 think-cell now used by over 200,000 professionals at 4,300+ companies more