Get to know think-cell

Our mission

think-cell develops software for professional users of Microsoft Office who are dissatisfied with spending too much time preparing business presentations. think-cell takes the ease of computer-based slide creation to an entirely new level.

Our customer focus is on management consulting firms and corporate strategy and finance units, since they spend a large share of their valuable resources on creating presentation slides for communication with their clients and colleagues.

As the leading solution provider for all fast-moving professionals when it comes to time-criticial, high-quality business presentations, think-cell does not simply sell software. We help our customers find the problems in their presentation production process, tailor our products to their needs and analyze the impact of the resulting solution.

Our history

During his PhD studies in Computer Graphics at the Georgia Institute of Technology Arno Schödl spent some time at Microsoft Research and McKinsey & Company. There he faced the problem of slide production from both sides of the coin: as a software engineer and as an expert user.

In 2001, Arno contacted Markus Hannebauer – a former schoolmate and Artificial Intelligence researcher at Fraunhofer – with the idea to join forces and apply their research findings to make slide production more efficient. Within a few weeks, Markus found financial partners to cover the development costs for the first product and think-cell came to life in April 2002.

think-cell quickly developed its first and most important product – the charting package think-cell chart. A first version was available in 2003 and immediately convinced the German branch of a leading strategy consulting firm, which still is an important mentor today.

Revenues kept growing from that point in time, but the real break-through was in 2005, when several consulting firms became customers and internationalization took place. Also, client organizations picked up the best practices from their consultants and acquired larger numbers of licenses themselves.

Without much marketing effort, news about the benefits of our software spread by word-of-mouth. think-cell became one of the fastest growing software companies in Germany while keeping a small footprint on the organizational side.

Today, think-cell is the de facto standard when it comes to professional presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. Since the company is completely independent from any strategic or financial investors and highly profitable, we can fully concentrate on improving our existing products and innovating new ones to the benefit of our customers.