Meet our management team

think-cell is a team of seasoned computer scientists, former business consultants and graphics experts. We are united by our vision to provide a line of products that revolutionizes the way of creating presentations. The company is led by experienced industry practitioners with in-depth domain knowledge and outstanding technical skills.

Dr. Markus Hannebauer, Managing Director

Markus Hannebauer | Managing Director

Markus is responsible for managing the company and building long-term relationships with our customers. He oversees Marketing, Sales, Operations and Finance.

Before founding think-cell, Markus was a project manager at Fraunhofer. Markus studied computer science and business and holds a doctoral degree from Technical University Berlin with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence.

Arno Schödl, Ph.D., Technical Director

Arno Schödl | Technical Director

Arno is responsible for the design, architecture and development of all our software products. He oversees think-cell's R&D team, Quality Assurance and Customer Care.

Before founding think-cell, Arno worked at Microsoft Research and McKinsey. Arno studied computer science and management and holds a Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a specialization in Computer Graphics.