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  • KB0003: When starting setup.exe, I get a message which says "The Windows Installer service could not be accessed."
  • KB0004: think-cell does not start with PowerPoint
    There is no think-cell toolbar in PowerPoint
    The think-cell toolbar in PowerPoint is empty
  • KB0005: PowerPoint or Excel automatically disabled the think-cell add-in
  • KB0007: PowerPoint crashes when started by double-clicking a presentation
  • KB0008: When starting PowerPoint, Excel reports an application error ("Microsoft Excel for Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close."). Later, when clicking think-cell chart buttons in PowerPoint, the hourglass shows up for 10 seconds, but I cannot insert a chart
  • KB0009: When I start PowerPoint with think-cell, an Excel window appears as well
  • KB0010: When I start PowerPoint with think-cell, a dialog pops up that requires me to enter a license key
  • KB0011: I want to be able to switch think-cell on or off, depending on which PowerPoint link I am clicking
  • KB0012: Do I "have" to use think-cell for my slides?
  • KB0013: PowerPoint is slow when running with the think-cell add-in
    There is no semi-transparent shade in the frame when inserting a new smart-element
    The Excel data sheet does not show colored areas
  • KB0014: When trying to insert a smart-element, the mouse pointer turns into an hourglass for 10 seconds. The element cannot be inserted.
  • KB0015: When inserting a chart with think-cell, a network login request pops up
  • KB0016: On the screen, some chart labels look bold although they are not
  • KB0017: In the datasheet, "Undo" (Ctrl+Z) does not work
  • KB0018: Can I use formulae in think-cell chart's datasheet?
  • KB0020: Google Desktop Office Addin is disabled
  • KB0021: Can I use non-standard color themes and fonts, for example when I use templates in the clients' styles?
  • KB0022: Can I animate think-cell charts in PowerPoint?
  • KB0023: How do I change the number format? It does not seem to work
  • KB0024: The automatic placement of chart labels sometimes gives bad results
  • KB0025: When there are multiple charts on a slide, the category or series labels do not always align across charts
  • KB0026: I cannot add text or a line break in a text label. Whenever I try to place the cursor in the label, the whole text gets highlighted
  • KB0027: When I try to use the label content drop-down menu on the think-cell toolbar, think-cell calculates percentages and absolute values incorrectly
  • KB0028: The percentage values I entered in the datasheet accumulate to 100%. However, when I choose a different number of decimal places in the chart, the rounded values are slightly off
  • KB0029: The flow of the waterfall charts does not look right
  • KB0030: Why do connecting lines in the waterfall (or some other) chart look inaccurately placed?
  • KB0031: Can I use PowerPoint's "grouping" feature with charts that are created with think-cell?
  • KB0032: Can I use my "Make-shapes-same-size" macro (or some other macro operating on shapes) with think-cell?
  • KB0034: A file called mso[...].emf appears in my temporary file directory (C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Temp) whenever I create a think-cell chart. The file contains a picture of the created chart
    There are many small files called mso[...].emf in my temporary file directory. They contain pictures of charts
  • KB0035: I am using the AutoFilter feature in my Excel file. With think-cell enabled, after loading the file, I can only once pick a filter from one of the drop-down menus. The second time, the filter menus do not appear anymore
  • KB0036: When creating an Adobe PDF file from a PowerPoint slide, a white square appears in the center of the page
  • KB0037: When trying to change or save some presentation in PowerPoint XP SP3 or in PowerPoint 2003, I get the following error message: "This presentation cannot be edited because it contains a read-only embedded font."
  • KB0038: When working with a Gantt chart in a presentation with Asian language text, some fonts are inconsistent
    Labels containing Asian language text contain both bold and normal characters
  • KB0039: With think-cell installed, the menu entries for Cut, Copy and Paste have vanished from PowerPoint's context menu
  • KB0040: The think-cell toolbar is not shown in Excel
  • KB0041: When an Excel file contains many DataLinks, it might start to scroll very slowly, taking very long to update and feeling very unresponsive
  • KB0042: What if the recipient of a file does not have think-cell installed?
  • KB0043: When opening a file with PowerPoint 97, some textboxes contain rows of quotation marks
  • KB0044: Can I import a chart that was created with plain PowerPoint/MS Graph into think-cell?
  • KB0045: Excel does not open when double-clicking an Excel file
  • KB0046: Text in think-cell labels does not word-wrap when I open my presentation in Office 97
  • KB0047: When I save my presentation as "PowerPoint 97-2002 & 95 Presentation" or "PowerPoint 95", PowerPoint crashes
  • KB0048: After applying Microsoft's "Remove Hidden Data" add-in or the "Document Inspector" to my PowerPoint document, some think-cell elements are corrupted
  • KB0049: I know there is an update available but Automatic Update does not start
  • KB0050: An empty toolbar is left in PowerPoint after deinstallation of think-cell
  • KB0051: I received the error message "An error occurred when displaying the think-cell user interface."
  • KB0052: think-cell's data sheet is all black
  • KB0053: think-cell is slow when Netmeeting's Desktop Sharing feature does not shut down
  • KB0054: Netmeeting appears to crash PowerPoint
  • KB0055: What are the general limitations of think-cell round?
  • KB0056: Can I use multiplication with constants in think-cell round?
  • KB0057: Can I use the Excel function "AVERAGE" in think-cell round?
  • KB0058: Can I use the same cell several times during a summation in think-cell round?
  • KB0059: Can I use Excel's general multiplication and other functions along with "TCROUND"?
  • KB0060: Why do I get the "#VALUE!" error in think-cell round?
  • KB0061: Why do I get the "#NUM!" error in think-cell round?
  • KB0062: When saving an Excel file, a message "Errors were detected while saving ..." or "Document not saved" pops up and the document is not saved
  • KB0063: PowerPoint stops responding when you try to insert a data-driven chart
  • KB0064: think-cell charts look distorted after a file has been loaded
  • KB0065: When moving or copying an Excel worksheet into another document, a message occurs "A formula or sheet you want to move or copy contains the name '___thinkcell...', which already exists on the destination worksheet. Do you want to use this version of the name?"
  • KB0066: When I customize the standard PowerPoint toolbar by removing some buttons such as Cut, Copy and Paste, they stay removed for that active session. But as soon as I restart PowerPoint, the buttons reappear
  • KB0068: How do I send error information to think-cell when PowerPoint or Excel crash with the message "Microsoft Office PowerPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close."?
  • KB0070: Why is my Excel macro slow when think-cell is activated?
  • KB0071: How can I create vertical line charts/profile charts using think-cell chart?
  • KB0073: How to find out with VBA if a shape is used by think-cell?
  • KB0074: "This element was changed without think-cell" dialog appears when selecting a chart although no changes were made
  • KB0075: Some think-cell labels show * (asterisk) or the current date instead of their actual content or are empty
  • KB0076: How do I map PowerPoint 2003 scheme colors to theme colors in PowerPoint 2007 and later versions?
  • KB0078: How do I total multiple series in parallel in a waterfall chart?
  • KB0079: When I have multiple versions of Microsoft Office installed, which version of MS Graph is used by think-cell?
  • KB0080: Do I have to open any ports in my firewall to run think-cell?
    Does think-cell send information over the internet?
  • KB0081: All labels in think-cell suddenly show bullets
  • KB0082: I have a custom PowerPoint template (blank.pot), but it is not used when I create a new file directly in Windows Explorer
  • KB0083: Text in MS Graph labels appears to have some unusually wide or narrow font, while other text looks alright
  • KB0084: In PowerPoint 2007 and later, when I try to manually edit charts that have been created with think-cell a dialog offers to "Convert" the chart or "Edit Existing"
  • KB0085: think-cell does not show the correct colors for PowerPoint's scheme colors ("Fill", "Shadows", "Accent", etc.)
  • KB0086: A chart with very much data in it does not show the colors that are selected in think-cell's color dropdown box
  • KB0087: Excel reports an application error on closing
  • KB0088: When I edit a presentation that contains think-cell charts with PowerPoint 2008 for Mac, all labels display an asterisk ('*').
  • KB0089: When I edit Spanish text, PowerPoint reports an application error
  • KB0090: Some regular PowerPoint buttons show "think-cell" in their tooltips
  • KB0091: How can I find out which add-in causes a problem?
  • KB0092: How do I report a problem to think-cell?
  • KB0093: Data sheet does not open when double-clicking a think-cell chart
  • KB0094: How do I uninstall think-cell?
  • KB0095: Can I use think-cell on a Mac?
  • KB0096: Can I switch chart types?
  • KB0097: How can I scale the bubble size?
  • KB0098: How can I reduce the size of a PowerPoint file?
  • KB0099: How can I change the formatting in a way that is not directly supported by think-cell?
    How can I temporarily work without think-cell?
  • KB0100: How can I change the font color?
  • KB0101: How can I create a stacked clustered chart?
  • KB0102: How can I change the fill of an entire series?
  • KB0103: Where are my custom colors stored?
  • KB0104: How can I rotate the category labels?
  • KB0105: How can I change the default colors of charts created with think-cell?
  • KB0106: What shall I enter when think-cell asks for user name and password?
  • KB0107: How can I copy-paste think-cell charts in my VBA Code?
  • KB0108: How can think-cell be installed silently over the network?
  • KB0109: I use your software on my desktop PC, may I install it on my notebook as well?
    I have reinstalled my PC
    I have a new PC. Do I need a new license key?
  • KB0110: When I try to insert a chart, the whole PowerPoint window content suddenly looks distorted
  • KB0111: think-cell charts do not update when I change the Excel cell background color or formatting
  • KB0113: An email to a recipient from an Outlook address book is not sent by "Send Selected Slides"/"Request Support"/"Error Reporting" dialogs
  • KB0114: How do I enable/disable think-cell and other Office COM add-ins in the Windows registry?
  • KB0115: Why do I lose color schemes or even cell content when I copy and paste from Excel into the think-cell data sheet?
  • KB0116: Since think-cell is installed, I sometimes get Blue Screens
  • KB0117: I have problems running think-cell together with Softricity SoftGrid or Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.1
  • KB0118: Content crawling in Office SharePoint fails
  • KB0119: The think-cell Elements menu is inactive
  • KB0120: The colors of my charts change when converting my presentation to a pdf document
    Charts have different color in print-out than they have on screen
  • KB0121: When I use the text in labels as hyperlinks, the link is removed after I save and then reload the document
  • KB0122: With think-cell some Excel COM Automation calls fail
  • KB0123: Why do the labels in think-cell charts appear as white rectangles?
  • KB0124: When I install EMC2 Documentum IRM Client for Microsoft Office and think-cell, PowerPoint crashes
  • KB0125: I cannot copy-paste values into think-cell's datasheet
    When I try to paste values into think-cell's data sheet, Excel crashes
  • KB0126: When I convert files with "Convert to an Office Open XML File Format" all think-cell charts show a message 'This element was changed without think-cell.'
  • KB0127: How can I enforce a default toolbar configuration for all PowerPoint users?
  • KB0128: PowerPoint is slow when editing charts
  • KB0129: think-cell uses strange colors in the background of an element or as the font color for a label
    How to set a slide or chart background
  • KB0130: When packaging think-cell with VMware ThinApp, inserting a chart fails
  • KB0131: When I use PowerPoint 2007 charts, PowerPoint freezes
  • KB0132: Is think-cell affected when I clean metadata from Office files?
  • KB0133: There are screen drawing problems when I use think-cell under Parallels Desktop
  • KB0134: How do I submit MS Office binary files to think-cell?
  • KB0135: Shapes that are invisible on the screen appear on the printout or vice versa.
  • KB0136: I cannot enlarge think-cell charts beyond a certain size
  • KB0137: Since think-cell has been installed, Excel crashes when opening a workbook or an internal datasheet
  • KB0138: How do I set both a pattern and a color for a segment?
  • KB0139: PowerPoint 2003 crashes when I click “Don't Save” in the “Save pending...” dialog
  • KB0140: When rotating labels by 90 or 270 degrees, digits in labels are not rotated or rotated by 180 degrees respectively
  • KB0141: Right-aligned text jumps out of the textbox
  • KB0142: Pasted text placeholders lose indent, bullet and font settings
  • KB0143: Viewing think-cell charts on mobile devices
  • KB0144: In certain .ppt files, text in some labels is rotated by 180 degrees.
  • KB0145: How can I set the same bubble size scale for multiple bubble charts?
  • KB0146: How to install or reinstall MS Graph?
  • KB0147: In PowerPoint 2007, text inside think-cell labels disappears or changes its color without obvious reason.
  • KB0148: Which upgrade, product and package code does think-cell use?
  • KB0149: Running Oracle Hyperion SmartView, you receive a think-cell error message “library\officeutilities\application.cpp line 13..: EXCEPTION Address 77124942 Code c0000005” and PowerPoint crashes
  • KB0150: When I modify a text label, the label becomes unresponsive or loses it's content
  • KB0151: PowerPoint 2003 hangs at seemingly random times
  • KB0152: Parts of chart are placed or scaled incorrectly
  • KB0153: Changing the indent level of text is not possible when using a master created in PowerPoint 2003 in later versions of PowerPoint
  • KB0154: Scrolling through slides with Gantt charts or slides with many boxed labels or axis breaks is very slow. Opening a presentation with such elements is slow.
  • KB0155: How to add link lines (a.k.a dependency lines) in Gantt charts?
  • KB0156: I cannot paste data into the think-cell data sheet.
    When I paste cells into the think-cell data sheet or use an Excel data link, the number/date/percent format is lost.
  • KB0157: Install a 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack
  • KB0158: How do I create Gantt charts in a language of my choice?
  • KB0159: When copying a slide from one presentation into another, the font size of think-cell labels changes
  • KB0160: Copying a multi-selection of non-adjacent cells into the think-cell data sheet does not work
  • KB0161: Excel 2010: Pasting data with the paste option 'Use Text Import Wizzard...' causes Excel crash
  • KB0162: In PowerPoint 2010, think-cell elements like charts have lost think-cell functionality.
  • KB0163: Charts linked with Excel data link do not update after copying/pasting data
  • KB0164: Does think-cell work with Microsoft Office 2013?
  • KB0165: Does think-cell work with Microsoft Office 365?
  • KB0167: Does think-cell work on server-based Office installations?
  • KB0169: When editing SAP BEx reports in Excel, I receive a think-cell error message containing '_ASSERT ::IsWindow(hWnd)'
  • KB0170: Can I also work with think-cell charts in .odp files, the LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org file format?
  • KB0171: When starting Excel I receive the message '....addin could not be found. Check the spelling ...'.
    PowerPoint hangs after inserting a chart
    when PGP Desktop is installed.
  • KB0172: think-cell charts are linked to incorrect data ranges
    Two or more small round buttons are displayed below a linked data frame
  • KB0173: How can I copy think-cell charts into Microsoft Word documents
  • KB0174: Segment colors in think-cell charts do not update when I apply conditional formatting to a cell in Excel
  • KB0175: Charts linked with Excel data link do not update on the first manual recalculation after changing data
  • KB0176: In Microsoft Office 2010, you receive an error message mentioning 'KERNELBASE.DLL' and 'Office assertion'. Then Office crashes
  • KB0177: Install a 2010 Microsoft Office Suite update
  • KB0178: Excel 2013 crashes when I rename a worksheet to "Delta(...)" or other function names, when I open a file containing such a worksheet name, or when I add a reference to an existing worksheet whose name is similar to a function name from Microsoft's Analysis ToolPak
  • KB0179: When scrolling the Notes pane of PowerPoint 2013's Normal view it jumps back to the line containing the text cursor
  • KB0180: When the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications editor is open, Excel shows an error message and may crash after I delete an Excel worksheet containing a think-cell link
  • KB0181: The vertical scroll bar handle of think-cell data sheets does not work
  • KB0182: When I click PowerPoint's Align Right button, the text jumps out of the label
  • KB0183: When I select an item from a Combo Box menu in Excel 2013, think-cell shows an error message and Excel crashes
  • KB0184: Does think-cell work with Microsoft's Technical Previews for Windows 10 and Office 2016?
  • KB0185: I cannot open the Elements menu when I use think-cell in a server-based Microsoft Office environment.
    There are screen drawing problems when I use think-cell in a server-based Microsoft Office environment.
  • KB0186: How to use conditional formatting to change colors depending on data values