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Conflict with Capital IQ: Internal datasheet grayed out


I have Capital IQ and think-cell installed.

When I open think-cell's internal datasheet, it takes a long time to load and appears grayed out.

gray internal datasheet


Disable Capital IQ from its Settings menu in Excel:

ExcelInsertS&P Capital IQSettingsDisable Excel Plug-in

We have filed a case with Capital IQ. If you want to contact Capital IQ to file a ticket, you may refer to Case ID 06399752.

Contact Support

If you do not have Capital IQ installed but are experiencing a similar issue, please contact our support team:

Please send us the think-cell log files. For this, open PowerPoint and go to Insertthink-cellMoreRequest Support. The log files will be automatically attached to a new email.

If this does not work, you can find the log files as explained below:

  • Open a new Windows Explorer window and type


    into the address field and press Enter.

  • If you want to browse to these directories but cannot see them, they are probably set to invisible. You can change that in Windows Explorer by checking:

    • Windows Vista and Windows 7:
      OrganizeFolder and search optionsViewShow hidden files and folders.
    • Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10:
      ViewShow/hideHidden Items.
  • Please send all files with the extension .log contained in this folder to our support team. This may be any of the following files: POWERPNT_log.log, EXCEL_log.log, TCMAIL_log.log, TCUPDATE_log.log, TCRUNXL_log.log, PPTTC_log.log, setup_think-cell_xxxxx_log.log.