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think-cell is not compatible with Microsoft Graph 16


Inserting a think-cell chart triggers the following think-cell message:

think-cell message Microsoft Graph not compatible

Older think-cell versions do not support the latest version of Microsoft Graph version 16, which belongs to Office 2016. Unfortunately, Microsoft installs Graph 16 implicitly if you install or update Skype for Business, OneNote, Project, or possibly other components, from the respective Microsoft websites – regardless of the Office version you have installed.


To fix the issue, please use one of the following solutions:

  • The best solution is to install the latest version of think-cell, which is compatible with the latest updates of Microsoft Office 2016 and its Microsoft Graph version. Please see our downloads page.

  • Install the version of OneNote, Project, etc., that came with your Microsoft Office instead.

  • Reinstall the Microsoft Graph version of your current Microsoft Office version. You can reinstall Microsoft Graph as described in our knowledge base article KB0146: How to install or reinstall Microsoft Graph?

    Please note:

    • Reinstalling Microsoft Graph fixes this problem only temporarily. This issue may reoccur after updating or installing a Microsoft Office 2016 product.
    • This workaround does not work with Microsoft Office 2007.

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If these solutions do not fix the problem contact our support team.