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Parts of chart are placed or scaled incorrectly


In a think-cell chart the labels are misplaced. When you click on a segment or label, the outline indicating the selection does not match the corresponding segment or label:

the MS Graph chart is scaled and placed incorrectly

This error can only occur if the text size is set to a value greater than 100% or 96 DPI.

Depending on your Windows version, you can verify your settings as following:

  • Windows Vista: Control PanelAppearance and PersonalizationPersonalizationAdjust font size (DPI)
  • Windows 7: Control PanelAppearance and PersonalizationDisplay
  • Windows 8 and 8.1: Control PanelAppearance and PersonalizationDisplay → tick Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays
  • Windows 10: StartSettingsSystemDisplay

After changing the setting you may have to log out and back in.


  1. Get the latest think-cell version from our download web page and install it.

  2. If you are using Trend Micro, install the latest version of your Trend Micro product. We were not able to reproduce the problem anymore with Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 version 11.0.1186. According to Trend Micro they also fixed the problem in OfficeScan version 11 with automatic updates as of April 27, 2017. (If you are still experiencing this problem after updating your Trend Micro product, you may want to contact Trend Micro's support and refer to ticket SR1-1-1049512075.)

  3. If you are using Comodo Internet Security, install the latest version of your Comodo product. We were not able to reproduce the problem anymore with Comodo Internet Security version (If you are still experiencing this problem after updating your Comodo product, you may want to contact Comodo's support and refer to ticket BOA-996-21661.)

Workaround if your Trend Micro or Comodo product is not yet fixed

Your Trend Micro product may offer the option to add the GRAPH.EXE program file to the list of exceptions. E.g., in Trend Micro OfficeScan (prior to version 11) it was necessary to exclude GRAPH.EXE from Real-time scan and from Behavior monitoring. Exclusion options may also exist for Comodo. You may need your company IT's help to add these exceptions.

GRAPH.EXE is a component of Microsoft Office and can be found in the Microsoft Office installation directory. If you have different versions of Office products installed, there may be more than one GRAPH.EXE in their respective Office installation directories. For details please refer to KB0079.

If you cannot exclude GRAPH.EXE, reduce the Windows text size setting to 100% or 96 DPI; please see the detailed instructions by clicking More in section Problem further up in this knowledge base article.


To see detailed technical information about the problem, click:

Apparently, certain versions of Trend Micro and Comodo inhibit correct evaluation of the HIGHDPIAWARE compatibility setting for Microsoft Graph, when Microsoft Graph is invoked via COM API. This cannot be reproduced when inserting Microsoft Graph charts interactively, but it can be reproduced without think-cell by using just a few lines of VBA code.

Reproduction without think-cell

  1. Make sure the HIGHDPIAWARE setting of Microsoft Graph is enabled

    1. Open the installation folder of your Microsoft Office version.

    2. Right click on the GRAPH.EXE → PropertiesCompatibilitySettings.

    3. If the checkbox Disable display scaling on high DPI settings is empty, tick it and confirm with OK.

  2. Open PowerPoint and open the VBA editor with Alt + F11.

  3. Select your workbook and click on InsertNew module.

  4. Paste the following macro and run it by clicking Run Macro or by pressing F5.

    Sub insertGraph()
    Dim sld As PowerPoint.Slide
    Set sld = ActiveWindow.View.Slide
    Dim shp As PowerPoint.Shape
    Set shp = sld.Shapes.AddOLEObject(100, 100, -1, -1, "MSGraph.Chart.8")
    End Sub	


When using 100% DPI settings Microsoft Graph chart fills its containing shape (Microsoft Graph and PowerPoint agree about the resolution of the EMF graphic), while the bad result in the screenshot shows an Microsoft Graph chart that is squeezed into the upper left corner of its shape (Microsoft Graph and PowerPoint create/render the EMF graphic based on different assumptions). When double clicking on the chart, it resizes to the correct size.

the MS Graph chart is scaled and placed incorrectly

Contact Support

Contact our support team if the problem still occurs with the latest think-cell version and you need additional assistance.

Please send us the think-cell log files. For this, open PowerPoint and go to Insertthink-cellMoreRequest Support. The log files will be automatically attached to a new email.

If this does not work, you can find the log files as explained below:

  • Open a new Windows Explorer window and type


    into the address field and press Enter.

  • If you want to browse to these directories but cannot see them, they are probably set to invisible. You can change that in Windows Explorer by checking:

    • Windows Vista and Windows 7:
      OrganizeFolder and search optionsViewShow hidden files and folders.
    • Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10:
      ViewShow/hideHidden Items.
  • Please send all files with the extension .log contained in this folder to our support team. This may be any of the following files: POWERPNT_log.log, EXCEL_log.log, TCMAIL_log.log, TCUPDATE_log.log, TCRUNXL_log.log, PPTTC_log.log, setup_think-cell_xxxxx_log.log.