Knowledge base KB0083

Some labels have some unusually wide or narrow font


In some occasions, labels created with Microsoft Graph look distorted when the Microsoft Graph object is embedded in PowerPoint. This is a plain Microsoft Graph problem and has nothing to do with think-cell. The following screenshot shows an example:

Labels created with MS Graph look distorted

You can reproduce this error without think-cell by creating a Microsoft Graph chart in PowerPoint. To do so, in PowerPoint, go to InsertObjectMicrosoft Graph Chart and hit OK.


  • For virtual machines and remote desktop environments
    1. Update virtualization software:
      In some instances it may help to update your virtual machine or remote desktop software.
    2. VMware Fusion to run Windows on the Mac:
      If you use VMWare Fusion to run Windows on the Mac, consider switching to Parallels Desktop. According to reports from our customers this problem does not exist with Parallels Desktop.
  • For regular PCs
    1. Update graphics driver:
      In some instances it may help to update (or reinstall) the graphics driver. A list of support pages of popular computer manufacturers where you can download the latest graphics driver can be found in article KB0051.
    2. Re-install Microsoft Graph:
      Maybe your installation of Microsoft Graph is corrupt. Please refer to KB0146 to fix this problem by uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Graph.
  • Change your screen-resolution to a resolution with 4:3 ratio of horizontal and vertical pixels (e.g., 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×960, 1600×1200 pixels).
  • If you use multiple monitors, please disable the second monitor and try out if the problem disappears.